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The dubbing of "godsteal daddy 2" makes everyone happy. Deng Chao puts on a yellow towel to sing "ch

The dubbing of "godsteal daddy 2" is very funny. Deng Chao puts on a yellow towel to sing "cheap man". The dubbing of "parrot talks" of cute son dish is very cola. Deng Chao shows his funny nature.

According to universal film, popular movie star Deng Chao and Olympic champion Tian Liang's daughter 'Sen die' Tian Yucheng have joined Mandarin dubbing, and the first new year's imported 3D animation blockbuster "God steals father 2" will be released in mainland China on January 10. Recently, the film side exposed the dubbing gags of Deng Chao and Sen die. In the sidelights, Deng Chao shows the funny nature of the ghost horse and makes the father's "Gru" vivid. Under the guidance of her mother Ye Yiqian (microblog), Tian Yucheng, a "Sen die", fully shows her little daughter Agnes's cleverness and loveliness.

Deng Chao puts on a yellow man towel to sing "cheap man"

In the exposure of dubbing gags, Deng Chao, who gave voice to animated characters for the third time, was quite free and easy in dubbing. As for the dubbing of "Gru", Deng Chao said: "it's not easy to have such a good opportunity to cooperate. It's also an animated film I like very much, so I hope to make it better. "When it comes to the role of Gru, Deng Chao said frankly that he likes the character of Gru very much." he has something warm in him. Although he is not a good man in the strict sense, he has many shortcomings. This time, he went into the opposition of all those people who are cheap with him, to show that he began to try to be a good man who is not so mean, but in fact, he is still very cheap in his heart. ".

When interpreting the voice of this' cheap man ', Deng Chao also has his own' special 'habit, that is, to dub on a towel with the pattern of little yellow man. In this regard, Deng Chao said with a smile that he wanted to get into the role better and faster. Although it looked funny, Deng Chao said that this method worked very well. In addition, at the end of the gag, Deng Chao strongly recommends the film: "Gru has started to fall in love, which is a big stroke in the film. Do you want to see how this bitch falls in love? Do you want to see how I can be a good father in the play? Please come into the world of the God stealing father with me!"

Sen die's parrot voice makes people laugh

In the popular star reality show "where to go, Dad" (online viewing), Tian Yucheng, a straightforward, lively and motor neurotic 'Sen die', is nicknamed 'wind like woman' by the audience. As the ratings of the program rise, the popularity of 'Sen die' is rising. The news that she dubs Agnes in "Godfather 2" immediately attracted countless attention and heated discussion. Many netizens who have seen the last episode of the series say that they will definitely go into the cinema and watch the Mandarin version of 'Sen die' dubbing again.

Compared with Deng Chao, who has rich experience in dubbing, Sen die, who dubs cartoons for the first time, is still cute in the studio. In the dubbing gags, Sen die, under the guidance of her mother Ye Yiqian, parrots her characters' lines one by one. Her voice is very young and childlike, which is in line with Agnes' lovely characteristics. In the process of dubbing, Sen die frequently mispronounced words, which made people laugh. When she said 'I know why you're a boy, because you're bald', Sen die said 'bald' and 'er Hua' as' bald '. In addition, when reading "May 5 Festival", Mori always said "May 5" upside down, which made Ye Yiqian and her staff laugh. As for joining dubbing, ye Yiqian said that on the one hand, her daughter likes xiaohuangren cartoon very much, and on the other hand, she hopes that through dubbing, her daughter can get more opportunities to exercise in language expression and performance.