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The movie "ruffian hero 2" costs about 20 million yuan, and its starring line-up looks like the "eig

"Ruffian hero 2" is in full swing recently. The behind the scenes cast is quite strong. Director Cai yuexun leads the international team of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United States, France, Japan, Australia and Thailand. The actors in front of the curtain are Zhao Youting, Lin Xinxin, Zhang Junning, Xiu Jiekai, Guan Ying, Li Mingshun and gulinaza. Huang Bo, who has a wonderful performance in the first episode, also makes a guest appearance. "Ruffian hero 2" also released a leading concept poster yesterday (December 26). The police badge embedded in the stone wall to symbolize justice should have been an invincible and eternal truth, but the police badge in the poster is broken, which vaguely points out the theme of the film: 'the power of rebirth comes from destruction. '

The international team's strong lineup, like the 'Eight Allied forces', won the 2012 world stunt award with "play at a critical moment 5", and Jack, the action director from Hollywood Gill, who designed the scene of road racing and helicopter chasing for "ruffian hero 2", will make people crazy. Jack thinks: 'the first song of ruffian hero is a very successful film. In the sequel, we will pull the whole production plan to a higher level, and the action scale will be larger and wider. All actors have made their best efforts. I think ruffian hero 2 will surely be popular all over the world Let it shine. Ron, a Chinese American actor and martial arts expert who has performed in "24 hours" and "critical moment" Yuan meticulously creates realistic, fast-paced and unique martial action scenes. Ron said: 'we have designed some very good actions for the film. The director and I both hope to present high difficulty and impact action scenes. I hope the audience will like the film. '。 BUF, a French visual effects company, won the 50th Golden Horse Award for visual effects for master of the generation. Its famous works include Thor Raytheon, Batman: The Dark Knight, and the fantasy drifting of PI. This time, it will produce a number of spectacular special effects scenes of urban destruction for ruffian hero 2, with visual effects director Fabrice Lagayette said: 'this is unprecedented in Taiwan, and I want to emphasize that it's really a special and magnificent film'. He has participated in the production of many Hollywood and Chinese movies, and is the artistic director of the top 20 landscape architects in the world, Yoshi akatsuka Akatsuka's works, including "Tiantai", "Cedric bale" and "Jinling thirteen hairpins", will challenge the action style of modern fashion technology and show a new look of Asian films. Mr. akatsuka said: "a large-scale film like ruffian hero 2 will surely attract attention at all levels. I think the big scenes and big scenes in it will certainly bring influence to Taiwan films, I think I believe it will be a very satisfactory work for the audience. The costume stylist of "the five thieves" is Vaughan Alexander from Australia. He is also the Royal stylist of the tour concerts of Yuda and Beyonce. Tomas Chan, the favorite Hong Kong stylist of Hong Kong and Taiwan, has been in charge of the concert and album modeling of Faye Wong, Zhang Huimei, Zheng Xiuwen, Xiao Yaxuan and other famous singers. The East-West style of the two major stylists integrates unique new aesthetics. Terdsak Janpan, the Thai film soundtrack of "the secret that can't be told", has cooperated with Director Cai yuexun from the ruffian hero TV series and the first song. This time, he will try the grand pattern and relaxed and dynamic music tonality. 3D production is the smart power of "painted skin 2" and "evil spirit Castle 4" (biochemical crisis 4) "produced in the mainland, and" ruffian hero 2 "will become the first large-scale action entertainment 3D film in Taiwan.

This time, in "ruffian hero 2", in order to present the large-scale disaster scene of urban destruction and more extreme action scenes, Cai yuexun's team spent NT $80 million (19 million yuan) to build a film factory on a vast land of 5000 Ping, and construct three scenes in the film, including a 70 meter long tunnel and pilot pit built according to the real ratio of 1:1 of Xueshan tunnel, and a simulation of Macao's Xiwan bridge The shocking scene of the broken bridge, the EMP building roof and apron built with steel frame structure, and the six story container with green screen become the largest digital special effects studio in Asia. Many of the magnificent disaster action scenes in the film will be shot here, and then the real scene will be combined with special effects. The largest digital special effects studio in Asia will also transform into the concept of Mini Movie City after the film shooting, attracting fans and audience to come here for pilgrimage in the way of theme park.