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Jing Boran, the leading actor of waiting for the wind to come, wrote a divine comedy to amuse the gi

"Waiting for the wind", starring Ni Ni, Jing Biran, Liu Zi and Liu Yaser, premiered in Beijing today. The film tells the story of Ni Ni's little white-collar worker and Jing Boran's rich second generation meeting in a tour group in Nepal. Jing Boran and Ni Ni recreate the characteristics of "poverty, damage and madness" and "beating, scolding and kicking" in the film. They tease each other and tear each other down. Jing Boran's self-made "Divine Comedy" in the record makes the audience laugh. However, director Teng Huatao took the initiative to break everyone's expectations. He admitted that this film is neither like 33 days of lovelorn nor can it be compared with "private customization." it's not a comedy, it should be regarded as a little fresh film. Jing bairan struggled to play Wang can, the second generation of rich people who didn't deserve to be beaten, but he was regarded as his true character. After the audition, his performance was affirmed, but he didn't dare to claim that he could compare with Wang Xiaojian in the article.

Jing Boran's performance of self-made divine comedy is praised for its original quality, which is quite wronged

"Waiting for the wind" tells the story of Ni Ni's little white-collar and Jing Boran's rich second generation meeting in a tour group in Nepal to share a wonderful journey. Ni Ni complained at the press conference that she was almost abused all the way during the filming of "waiting for the wind to come." when she was in China, she was abused by top-notch leader Liu Zi. When she arrived in Nepal, she was abused by the second generation of the richest, Jing Boran. 'she and Jing Bo Ran were separated by several people, but they still didn't forget to expose each other. Jing Bo Ran made up 'Divine Comedy' to amuse girls in the film. He confessed that he had been preparing for the night play for several days, and he also wore props gloves to look for feelings when he went to bed. When shooting started, 'Divine Comedy' amused Ni Ni, and he was forced to sing a part of 'high mountain' at the press conference. There was a girl, ouch, I, ouch, I really float It's on.

Similar to Wang Xiaojian in 33 days of lovelorn, Jing bairan takes on the funniest and sharpest part of the movie. However, Jing bairan revealed at the scene that before the movie started, the director told me that the character was a rich and handsome man with personality, which was especially suitable for him. But after the movie was finished, Bao Jingjing said that the character was a rich second generation with negative IQ. "A reporter praised him for his excellent performance at the scene, and Jing Boran was excited to thank him:" I worked very hard to prepare for this role, but they all said that I didn't play it, and that I was my true character! "However, when it comes to Wang Xiaojian, who was portrayed in the article, Jing Boran said frankly: 'I dare not surpass 33 days of lovelorn. Wang Xiaojian is cheap and damaged, and Wang can, who I play, is both, but I hope Can be as popular as Wang Xiaojian. '

Ni Ni talks about "waiting for Feng Lai" and Teng Huatao denies that the new work is a comedy

Although Jing Boran plays the role of "two goods play cheap" and the stylized lines of the screenwriter Bao Jingjing are still there, director Teng Huatao denies that it is a comedy. "It should be a little fresh film." Ni Ni is responsible for the serious and even a little sad part of the film. She plays a white-collar woman who pretends to be windy on the surface and tangles in the bottom of her heart. Ni also teases herself: 'this year, I played a girl, a girl Pretending to be a girl, I hope to have a chance to play a girl next year. '

The title of "waiting for the wind" has been "teased" as "waiting for Feng Lai" on the Internet, which means Feng Shaofeng, the "other half" of Ni Ni. A reporter at the scene asked if the title was tailor-made for Ni Ni. Ni was shy and replied, "isn't it waiting?" she also said that Feng Shaofeng might come to see the premiere today. Director Teng Huatao denied that the title of the film was a gift for Ni Ni. He and Jing bairan also revealed that Ni Ni was the "topic terminator" on the set. "What she played was a full stop. Everyone was having a good chat. As soon as Ni Ni joined in, she was immediately out of action. After a while, some people said, let's go. '