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Song Kanghao's box office will exceed 80 million

New, the distribution company of South Korea's new film defender, said that as of 2:30 p.m. on the 22nd, the cumulative number of viewers of defender starring song Kanghao had reached 1.54 million. In addition to the box office of song Kanghao's former starring "snow train" and "Guan Xiang", the cumulative box office of song Kanghao's starring films this year has exceeded 20 million audiences, which has written a new record in the history of Korean films. It can be said that song Kanghao contributed 10% of the 200 million people's box office in the Korean film market this year.

Song Kanghao has starred in three films this year. The snow train released on August 1 mobilized 9.34 million viewers. "Guanxiang", released on September 11, mobilized 9.13 million audiences, all of which broke through the 9 million people's Congress mark and achieved box office success. The two films have already achieved box office success of 18.47 million audiences. The third starring film was officially released on December 19, with a total audience of 1.54 million in just four days. Moreover, the box office of the third starring film surpassed the opening day records of "the gift in room 7" and "Avatar", which finally exceeded 10 million. Judging from the current trend, it is not impossible for the defender to break through 9 million people again. In that case, song Kanghao has more than 9 million stars in three consecutive films. Since his debut, the cumulative box office of his leading films will reach 80 million by the end of this year.

Song Kanghao's third film "the defender", starring in 2013, had a pre-sale rate of 38% on the 19th, becoming the champion in the list of single day pre-sale rate. This is also the 15th time that the film starred by him has won the pre-sale rate list, and it has kept a record for eight times in a row. From YMCA baseball group in 2002 to memories of killing in 2003, hairdresser in xiaozidong in 2004, Antarctic diary in 2005, Madagascar, Han river monster in 2006, elegant world in 2007, good guy, bad guy, strange guy in 2008, bat in 2009, righteous brother in 2010, blue salt in 2011, howl in 2012 》In 2013, "XueGuo train", "Guanxiang" and "defender" all won the list of pre-sale rate.

Song Kanghao's recognition and liking have made people not care what kind of films he plays. As long as they see his name, they will trust him unconditionally and are willing to go into the cinema. At present, the defender's score on maxmovie website is as high as 9.66 (10 out of 10). The website is rated by the 'real audience' who has completed from pre-sale to viewing, so the credibility is the highest. In 2003, song Kanghao's "memories of murder" scored 9.43, which has been the highest score for ten years. This year, it was broken by his own new film.

"The defender" is a director's first work written by Yang Yuxi, a famous comic writer of disaster comics. Taking the 1980s as the background, telling the story of human rights defense lawyers in that era will show the unique and innovative court plot and expose the pain of that era.