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Feng Xiaogang's box office broke 150 million in two days with private customization

"Private customization" has been released for two days. According to statistics, the box office on the first day has reached 840 million, while the box office on the second day has exceeded 200 million. Feng Xiaogang disclosed that the new year's movies warm the audience and amuse the audience with hilarious plots. It is reported that tickets for the film are very difficult to buy, and the film layout is unprecedented.

After the box office results of "private customization" broke the record of 2D Chinese movies on the first day (including zero spot), with the box office results of 73 million on the next day and 150 million on the second day, "private customization" again set two new records: the box office record of Chinese movies breaking 100 million as soon as possible and the box office record of Chinese movies on the next day (previously "journey to the West & conquering the devil"). In the case of ultra-high and intensive film arrangement in the national cinemas, many audiences still complain that they can't buy tickets. The demand in short supply and the unparalleled box office results make "private customization" the first in the new year of the horse.

Cinema Line: 'unprecedented film layout' audience: 'still can't buy tickets'

The topic of "it's hard to get a ticket for private customization" has been on the Internet since zero. There are many pictures of audiences queuing up to buy tickets spontaneously in the cinema on Weibo. In the face of the audience's surging demand for film viewing, theaters have taken the initiative to increase the number of films arranged for "private customization", and Wanda cinema has even increased the number of films arranged in the next day to 69.9%. To this end, the cinema manager said: 'such crazy film arrangement is simply unprecedented;. Even so, many viewers complained: 'why can't I buy tickets for private order. '

Director Feng Xiaogang himself said he was "very happy" with the box office record of 80 million Chinese 2D films on the opening day and more than 50% of the total number of films arranged nationwide. On the opening day, the number of films arranged nationwide increased to 54% and the number of films arranged in Beijing soared to 63%. It's crazy and too happy. '

Wang Zhong Jun's confidence make complaints about Feng Xiaogang's welcome to Tucao.

At the Suzhou media conference, Wang Zhongjun, chairman of Huayi Brothers, said confidently in response to box office expectations: "thank you for the support of the national audience for" private customization ". I have great confidence in Feng's new year comedy. Make complaints about the negative response of the media, Feng Xiaogang director said, 'welcome': Thank brother Tucao's scolding, and scolded and praised all of us. Let's make complaints about private order become a topic of film. Welcome everyone to join us, and welcome everyone to Tucao, only you personally feel the most authentic and reliable experience. '

Directed by Feng Xiaogang and starring ge you, Bai Baihe, Li Xiaolu and Zheng Kai, the 2013 New Year's comedy "private customization" continues to be popular. After two days of release, "private order" broke the box office record of Chinese films with 73 million yuan the next day and 150 million yuan the next day.