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Movie jubilant and grey wolf 6 Trailer: colorful fairy tales and fairyland

Xiyangyang and grey wolf are not only made into TV dramas and loved by children, but also a series of films are also popular with animation fans. "Joy and big wolf's flying horse adventure" was finalized on January 16, 2014, and the trailer has been exposed on the Internet.

The animated film "pleasant goat and grey wolf big movie 6", jointly produced by Xuandong communication, original power and Huayi Brothers, has recently officially announced the title of "the adventures of the flying horse between the pleasant goat and the big wolf", and decided to release it on January 16, 2014, lighting the first gorgeous fireworks for the winter vacation and opening the children's happy holiday.

The most gorgeous and dreamy island in the sky to create a fairy tale world

At the same time, the "Happy Goat and the big wolf's flying horse adventure" released the "fly Island fairyland" notice. At the beginning of the notice, the sheep and goats flew from the clouds to a colorful island in the sky, which was full of exotic flowers and plants. The gorgeous pictures and rich imagination made people feel like a fairyland. Just as the sheep and sheep looked around the island curiously, the island moved. It turned out that this was a turtle shaped island floating in the air and flying. Finally, the sheep and sheep went with the turtle island.

This flyisland Wonderland Trailer shows the best quality of the film in terms of color and imagination. The fairyland created by the preview is full of expectations for the film. In the fairy tale fairyland, the cute sheep will lead the children to experience an unforgettable dream trip with their wings in their hearts during the winter vacation.

The first day of winter vacation starts a dream trip

For five years, Xiyangyang series films have been released during the winter holidays, so the new characters of the film titles and stories have been bound to the theme of the new year's zodiac. After experiencing "the year of the dragon" and "the year of the snake" and "the year of the dragon" and "the year of the snake", the big movies of the pleasant goat finally ushered in the "Adventures of the flying horse". It is reported that the title of the big film has returned to the tradition, and more than 200 film titles have been solicited from the whole society, and more than 20000 netizens have participated in the name selection and voting. Among the 30 most popular film titles, the producer has selected the "Pegasus adventure" which is the most consistent with the story content of this year's big film and can convey the film's temperament. From the title, we can feel that the big film will be full of flying elements and fairy tale color. In order to express our heartfelt thanks to the audience for their support over the past six years, the producer has sent hundreds of pleasant goat series gifts in the name selection activity, and will also present the golden jewelry of Chow Tai Fook lucky star baby, which represents happiness, health and good luck to the final winner.

After five years of winter vacation, the pleasant goat series of films ushered in the sixth year on January 16, 2014. The announcement of this release also printed the words "stay with you for six years". We will wait and see how the sixth grade sheep and goats will bring this year's laughter and touching.