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Andy Lau storm box office forecast Andy Lau admits no pressure on box office

Andy Lau said that there was no pressure on the box office. What miracle will the storm create? People have speculated about its box office to see the details.

With Andy Lau and Jiang Zhiqiang as co producers and supervisors, and directed by Yuan Jinlin, the first Chinese 3D police bandit action blockbuster "storm", which is jointly produced by Liu Dehua, Yao Chen, Lin Jiadong, Hu Jun (microblog) and LV Liangwei (microblog), has led the new year's show in mainland China.

Previously, "storm" not only broke the record of Chinese movie spot release with a box office of 11 million yuan, but also reached 32.5 million yuan on its first day of release. Therefore, it has become the highest box office Chinese police and bandit film in history on the first day. This achievement also indicates that the film will break the 250 million words set by "chill" last year. Not only that, "storm" was invited to become the opening film of the 56th Asia Pacific Film Festival, and held a press conference in Macao on December 13. On the spot, Andy Lau, who is also a three-part-time actor, personally led a group of actors in the film, including Yao Chen, Jiang Haowen, Chen Peiyan, Huang Debin, and Tang Wenlong. Qi Qi was the film platform. The film will be shown in Hong Kong on December 19.

Flying tiger team cheers for the press conference

On the spot, the final Trailer of "storm" was broadcast first, and then a group of actors in the uniform of Flying Tigers and plain clothes police made a collective appearance, and put forward a face-to-face pose for the media to take photos, thus making the press conference open in a strong atmosphere. Then, Huang Debin, Tang Wenlong and Shi Zunan, who played the subordinates or bandits of Andy Lau, appeared together. They not only said that they were very happy and honored to cooperate with Neng Huazai, but also talked about many unforgettable adversaries, including shooting together with hundreds of extras for the first time and shooting such a large-scale gun battlefield for the first time For the first time, I saw a 1:1 central street scene in front of his eyes, and even shot tens of thousands of bullets for the first time. According to Tang Wenlong, who plays the murderous robbers of Hu Jun and LV Liangwei, he said that the bullets he fired in the film were worth tens of thousands of Hong Kong dollars, "because the bullets were all transported from the United States, and the guns we took in the movie were all real guns that had been modified. '

Yao Chen claimed that "storm" a warm color, originally thought and Andy Lau play lovers

As the only heroine of storm, Yao Chen also went to the scene to support the new film while busy filming and publicity. On the spot, Yao Chen said that Yan Bing, who played in the film, was deeply in love with Tao Chengbang, Lin Jiadong's boyfriend. "She really loves her boyfriend very much. She only hopes that he can make a change, but he has let me down again and again, so Yan Bing can be said to be a hard-working and warm girl. '

In addition, Yao Chen also revealed that at first he thought he would play a couple with Andy Lau, but he only had one match in the end. 'at the beginning, boss Jiang asked me to play a play with Andy Lau. I was very happy at that time because I thought I could really cooperate with my idol when I was young, but after reading the script, I found that there was only one match. To be honest, I'm very sorry. '

Andy Lau, father and daughter on stage

Finally, Andy Lau and Jiang Haowen, who play good friends in the film, lead the child star Chen Peiyan to the stage. The father daughter relationship is very warm and moving.

Liu Dehua said: "Lv Mingzhe in the storm was originally a police officer who was very disciplined and had a strong sense of justice. As a result, because of the two of them, I suffered from the impact of human nature and finally violated my own consistent principles. When asked about the growth of the box office in mainland China on the first day of the opening ceremony, Huazai said that he did not have any pressure on the box office, but still hoped to make more good films to impress all the audience.