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What is the release time and plot of Zhou Xun's role in "eavesdropping on Fengyun 3"?

Under the supervision of Er Dongsheng and Huang Bin, and directed by Mai Zhaohui and Zhuang Wenqiang, the ultimate work of "eavesdropping" series, finally released a forerunner of "people are doing the sky watching" version recently. This is also a heavy material for the film to be exposed again after the poster of "local tyrant". The characters played by Liu Qingyun, Gu Tianle, Wu Yanzu and Zhou Xun are well known Count the appearances. Yu Dong, President of Bona film group, has made a promise of "five shifts" for "eavesdropping Fengyun 3" for this rare Chinese series after Infernal Affairs: "eavesdropping Fengyun series has excellent quality. For this brand work of bona," eavesdropping Fengyun 3 "will use & lsquo; The excellent conditions of greater investment, stronger lineup, sharper themes, more wonderful stories and better production are definitely worth looking forward to in the film market competition in 2014! "

Zhou Xun's angry eyes against local tyrants

The first forerunner trailer of "eavesdropping on Fengyun 3" is only 30 seconds long, but it contains a large amount of information related to the film. Liu Qingyun, Fang Zhongxin, Lin Jiahua, Lin Jiadong, Zeng Jiang, Zhou Xun, Wu Mengda, ye Xuan, Huang Lei, Gu Tianle and Wu Yanzu are all on the stage one by one. Gu Tianle, Wu Yanzu and Zhou Xun, who had previously been hidden outside the "local tyrant camp", finally came out. Zhou Xun and the local tyrants were angry. Gu Tianle was thoughtful beside the monitor, and Wu Yanzu was calm and calm while his modeling was exposed. After the exposure of his modeling, people could still feel the strong flavor of drama and leave a deep impression in the pictures calculated in seconds. As for the newly added heroine in the "eavesdropping" lineup, director Zhuang Wenqiang said: "in order to make" eavesdropping 3 "suitable for more audiences, we specially invite Zhou Xun to be the No.1 female character, and has enhanced the role of the female role in the film. This role plays a leading role in many male characters, and even can influence the overall situation at a critical moment. It is a key character in the third episode. '

Good and evil are hard to distinguish: joy, anger, worry, sorrow and fear

At the same time as the forerunner's preview, twelve stills of the characters in "eavesdropping on Fengyun 3" are also exposed. The expressions of the twelve characters are different. The seven emotions of "joy, anger, worry, thinking, sadness, fear, and surprise" are shown in the beginning of the trailer. "People are doing and the sky is watching". All the characters appear in the screen, which seems full of stories, but it is difficult to distinguish between good and evil, which makes the audience full of imagination. "The roles of Liu Qingyun, Gu Tianle, Wu Yanzu and Zhou Xun are all exquisitely crafted. They challenge themselves again. The other characters are also carefully selected. All of them are first-class characters. They have burst into acting skills in each role. We are surprised by the accuracy of their various identities, habits and movements. The film has surpassed the previous two. "Director Mai Zhaohui revealed.

Cutting edge technology: mantis catching cicadas and finches

It is not difficult to see from the various characters in the screen monitor grid that "eavesdropping Fengyun 3" is no longer playing simple eavesdropping, but is directly upgraded to the cutting-edge mobile video monitoring, and everyone's every move is clearly seen by the eavesdropper. Under the supervision of Gu Tianle and Wu Yanzu, the local tyrants are arrogant. At the same time, they are at a loss under the supervision of Liu Qingyun. They reveal an extraordinary story pattern, and make the film show the sense of "mantis catching cicadas and yellow finches are behind". "These designs are more in line with the habits of the characters. They are very rustic. They wear extravagant clothes that don't match the style. They hold huge gambling chips in their hands. Of course, they also use more sophisticated monitoring equipment, which is not limited to phone tapping. Moreover, image eavesdropping can make the mutual restriction of characters more in-depth, and also make the relationship more elusive. Until the last moment, we will not know who is the mantis and who is the finch. "Producer Huang Bin said.

New pattern: the most powerful Chinese puzzle film

In the first two episodes of "eavesdropping on Fengyun 3", Lu Jinqiang, played by Liu Qingyun, led the land group to monopolize the real estate industry in the new territories and Hong Kong as a whole. With the help of the rich people in the mainland, they have made great efforts to expand their territory and even take violent measures to build buildings. "The story of" eavesdropping on Fengyun 3 "can be summed up as a battle between local tyrants and landlords. "In addition to the shocking story background, producer Er Dongsheng added:" this time we are no longer shooting a police and bandit film. The whole film will rely on the story, script and acting skills to make many characters fight their wits with all their strength. "The final chapter of the & lsquo; eavesdropping & amp; quo; series will be the strongest Chinese wisdom fighting movie. '