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"Little times 3" highlights Roman shooting, fashion, luxury and internationalization

"Little times 3" has already started shooting. Director Guo Jingming says that the setting of the film is in Rome. In order to distinguish Shanghai style and make the film more international and fashionable, he chooses ancient Rome buildings. Recently, the highlights of the film have been exposed, and the third sister and sister gather together without Yang Mi.

Adapted from Guo Jingming's novel and directed by him and produced by helichenguang, the film "little times 3" has been widely discussed since the director Guo Jingming announced its official launch. On the evening of December 10, director Guo Jingming officially announced that "little times 3" was on, and officially exposed for the first time that the crew went to Rome to shoot scenes.

"Little times 3" officially launched, panoramic view of Rome upgraded

"Little times" is Guo Jingming's fifth novel in five years. In November last year, Guo Jingming shot the first and second "little times" for the first time, with a total sales volume of more than 3.5 million copies. The original work also changed from type to image. After the hot release in 2013, the two "little times" gained super high popularity and huge repercussions, and won two super high box office results of 800 million. A year later, director Guo Jingming set out again and officially announced that "little times 3" had been launched in Rome a few days ago.

On the evening of December 10, Guo Jingming released a group photo with Guo Caijie and Xie Yilin through the Internet, and officially announced: "we officially started in Rome!" the two actresses were accompanied by gorgeous fur. Guo Jingming revealed more generously: "do you think they are going to the party in such beautiful clothes? You are wrong. They are going to fight with gangsters by dressing like this. High heeled shoes and long dress gallop to Rome! Go! "Not only points out that" little times 3 "is upgraded to Rome for shooting, but also foreshadows the new plot of" sisters of the times "in the new film.

Different from "little times" 1 and 2, which were shot in Shanghai, little times 3 went to Rome to take pictures. The magnificent ancient Roman buildings and the powerful pictures show European style. The scenes involved are more rich and exquisite, and the international fashion atmosphere is strong, which makes "hour generation 3" comprehensively upgraded.

The scenery of fashion city is amazing and the three female masters gather together to be the only one who lacks Lin Xiao

This is the first time to expose a group of working photos after booting, with Director Guo Jingming, starring Guo Caijie, Guo biting and Xie Yilin appearing in the camera. Guo Jingming sometimes dressed in casual clothes, focusing on speaking for the actors, and sometimes in the middle of beautiful looking actresses, he made a V-shaped gesture, and his smile was not vulgar.

While in Italy, a fashionable country, "little times 3" is different from the Shanghai style of the first two films, striving for a more international and more ideological fashion attitude. In addition to the exquisite texture of the picture, the female artists in the film are also influenced by the fashion atmosphere, and their modeling is quite eye-catching. In the gag photo, the three sisters look at each other with a smile. Guo Caijie is dressed in gorgeous clothes and carrying a bag with one hand. The image of a standard 'Queen' is not only powerful but also mature. In addition, 'Guli' and 'Wanru' wear shawls and gorgeous evening dresses, running in the alleys, with a strong European style and more fashionable elements. In the sidelights, facing the director Guo Jingming's focus on the play, Xie Yilin takes a graceful posture and lies on her side in bed to listen carefully. The scene is humorous. It can be seen that she will continue to play a funny talent in the film.

Earlier, Guo Jingming denied that "little times 3" used the original team, and said that he had "done my best". The network spread all sorts of speculation about the candidate for the role has never stopped. But from the exposed Roman gags, the three sisters gathered together to start the machine, but did not see Yang Mi's figure. At present, the most controversial news about the change of ownership of Lin Xiao's role has not yet been determined.