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Liu Yifei's "four famous arrest 2" is praised

"Four famous catch 2" is on the screen, and the film has been well received by the audience since its release, and the box office accumulation is very objective. The magic martial arts scenes in the film are also commented by the public, among which Liu Yifei's love and hatred become the tears of the audience, and also become the highlight of the film.

The 3D movie "four famous catches 2" is currently being shown nationwide. Directed by Chen Jiashang and starred by Deng Chao, Liu Yifei and Zou Zhaolong, the first day box office of "four famous catch 2" has reached 26.6 million since it was released on December 6, creating a good performance in this year's new year's Eve. The total number of box office winners in one day is more than 60 million in two weekends, with a total box office of nearly 90 million on the third day of the first week.

3D effect wins praise, magic swordsman becomes highlight

Before the release of "four famous catches 2", Chen Jiashang repeatedly said that he was very confident in the 3D effect of the film. "There is no true or false 3D, only good or bad". In order to achieve a good effect, Chen Jiashang invited the top 3D special effects team of the United States to escort him and adopted the early 3D shooting technology. "The most important thing to consider in 3D is whether the audience's eyeballs are comfortable. In order to achieve good results, the American team specially compiled for us I wrote a & lsquo; eyeball script to consider the audience's experience. And this has also been recognized by many audiences. Netizen Xiaoyan tweeted: "the 3D of" four famous arrest 2 "is very good. The six doors, underground palace and the sea of fire are very shocking. '

"Four famous catches 2" is called "magic swordsman", which is also an innovation of martial arts film by Chen Jiashang. By adding magic color to the fight, Deng Chao will become a wolf. Liu Yifei can control weapons with his mind. Many audiences call it the "X-Men" in ancient times. However, the evil arts of the villains are also very innovative. Many audiences commented that "Liu Yan Hui 72 changes" and "Wu Xiubo's tree man modeling is contrary." God, it's scary and cute.

Liu Yifei can watch a martial arts movie cry

There are a lot of stars in "four famous catch 2". Deng Chao, Huang Qiusheng, Wu Xiubo and other powerful groups are pressing down. However, Liu Yifei is the one who is most mentioned this time. The truth of Liu Yifei's massacre is finally revealed step by step. The people around her fall into suspicion one by one, which makes Liu Yifei constantly collapse, the peeling off of family affection and the loss of love makes her embark on the road of crazy revenge. Liu Yifei once said that this is her most crying drama, and her tears have really moved many audiences, "Liu Yifei suffered in the film, but also hurt, crying makes people sad.".

"When Liu Yifei finally put down her hatred and Deng Chao in the movie, it was heartbreaking. She really answered the sentence" love makes me fall in love, love makes me put down "audience comments. Martial arts movies are often action oriented and lack of emotion. However, Chen Jiashang can still inject feelings into martial arts films, which makes them very moved.

Wu Xiubo's modeling "evil scriptures" make complaints about the nonsense line

Wu Xiubo's role as the God of wealth in "four famous arrestees" is amazing. This time, Wu Xiubo frightens people. "Looking at the poster before, uncle Bo's shape of tree man is very bright. This time, he looks more" terrifying "in 3D, which is definitely a bold shape," the audience said.

Wu Xiubo is not only "shocking" in her modeling, but also "enlightening to the deaf" in her lines. Many audiences said that Wu Xiubo seemed to have come to make fun of her this time. Every line was very amusing, which made the cinema laugh from time to time. In particular, he said, "have you made furniture recently? Change me into a bed.".