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The story content of the film "looking for the lucky star in love" will focus on the dialectical rel

Yang Ziting, director of the post-80s beauty director, is the chief producer and star of the film. The love comedy "the lucky star of love" is coming into the intense post-production stage by bringing together Liu Zhoucheng, Ma xueyang, Jin Ensheng, Zhang Yuan and sun Wenting, Chongqing plain beauty. Its content focuses on constellation and love, becoming a major focus of the film. The stars also expressed their opinions on the topic, of which Xiaowu boldly confessed that he loved Virgo most.

On the dialectical relationship between constellation and love

The movie "looking for the lucky star in love" focuses on the popular topic of young people. Constellation is the key entry point. It will show the characteristics of girls in different constellations in the film, and explore whether there is the best fixed collocation between constellation and love, as astrologers say, to break the constellation myth of girls, and to solve the truth of love from the heart.

For the relationship between constellation and love that young people are concerned about nowadays, Yang Ziting, as the chief producer and leading actor, has a unique view: "although young people expect love, they often don't know what they want, and they always stumble in love. The constellation is a guide, and more or less will affect the young people's way of thinking, but everything is not fixed, so don't worry about a certain star If you have prejudice, don't love the one you should love. '

Little five says she loves Virgo best

For different constellations of love views, the stars have their own opinions. Although the members of the top Li He are all boys, they also claim to know the constellations like the palm of one's hand. Five from South Korea said that the most familiar constellation is his own constellation Virgo, and has been shouting 'Virgo girl is the best', bold and frank like. Ma xueyang thinks that as a Libra, he loves and hates himself. He likes Libra's unique view and judgment on art, but his shortcomings are indecision and fear of choice. Liu Zhoucheng said that the constellation is not the main reference whether you like it or not, and the person you like must be enthusiastic.

The actress lineup represented by Yang Ziting and sun Wenting is not willing to be outdone for their preference for constellation. Yang Ziting, on the other hand, says that she appreciates Capricorn most and is calm and caring about others. Sun Wenting said that after shooting the film, she had a new understanding of Pisces, and realized that the girl in this constellation is pure, romantic and the part of love production. It is reported that "looking for the lucky star in love" has completed all the shooting, and has entered the intense post production stage. It is expected to meet the audience in the first half of next year.