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"No man's land" reveals director Ning Hao's behind the scenes shooting gags

"Zheng Hao" and "Bo Ning" have been released since the opening of the film. "No man's land" is known as Ning Hao's best work, and is also Ning Hao's longest polished work. In order to make this film, Ning Hao and the crew have suffered a lot. Ning Hao said that "no man's land" is a very new type of film, and also wants to use this film to express that "the film is not just entertainment. '

When shooting, we should fight against heaven and earth, surprise and fright

At the beginning of 2009, "no man's land" was officially launched. Ning Hao led his team to shoot in Northwest China, where the natural scenery was magnificent. The actors were also sent to experience life there. At the beginning, Ning Hao had to face the weather problem. Ning Hao also said with a smile that he also made movies in places where the weather was uncertain, which highlighted the fact that he relied on heaven to eat. Sandstorms and sandstorms are common meals. The second is the distance in physical space. As the shooting site itself is a vast no man's land, even the inverted scene is hundreds of kilometers. "It's like a hundred kilometers is a counting unit, and it's a very simple thing. Every time we look down, we say that we'll go a few hundred kilometers further. '

Also encountered on the Gobi desert 'surprise'. There is an important prop in the movie - Falcon. Ning Hao said that the crew wanted to shoot the Falcon, which was very expensive in the Arab region. At first, they couldn't find it, and then they found a falcon from other places, but they didn't dare to shoot for too long because they were afraid to shoot them for too long, so they returned them after shooting. During the period, the crew also thought of various ways, such as using a feather duster to spell one. But suddenly, one field, the production crew fishing falcons in the Gobi, caught two real falcons. 'it's a surprise. 'but then there was' fright'. The Falcon was so fierce that he destroyed the cage and flew away.

It's so hard to do this play, but for Ning Hao, it's more fun than hard work. Ning Hao said: 'I rarely collapse, I don't know what that state is. '