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What's the role of Bai Baihe in private customization? What does director Feng Xiaogang think of her

Director Feng Xiaogang and his leading stars Bai Baihe, Li Xiaolu and Zheng Kai create momentum for the film "private customization". Bai Baihe was ridiculed as "Xiaobai Shangshen" and praised by Feng Daodao. He was the & lsquo; best choice to play after Liu Bei and ge you;.

Xiaobai style is simple, rude and crunchy

Bai Baihe, dressed in a uniform and sunglasses, appeared as a "scene designer". At the beginning, he let everyone see the "impropriety" of Xiaobai style. He said that he played "Xiaobai" as "simple, rough and crunchy". His specialty was "gagging, precise speaking, and unsophisticated". When the host asked why the three leading actors were dressed in such a uniform way, Bai Baihe even joked: "this is to set off the clothes that director Feng and uncle Ge wore in the 20th anniversary celebration of" private order ". The bridegroom and bridegroom all wear this kind of clothes, so we should cooperate with the best man and bridesmaid. It's just a vivid little white upper body.

Bai Baihe and Feng Xiaogang cooperated very well for the first time. "I have met Mr. Wang Shuo before, and they basically know what kind of character I am. I master the rhythm of comedy performance. In addition, the director helps me to arrange a more integrated way with him, the whole process doesn't feel any pressure and feels very smooth '. As for the character Xiaobai in the play, Bai Baihe even more laughingly says that what he plays is himself in the eyes of the director: "the director thinks that I am more suitable for this type. He likes and approves of my performance. Maybe I am playing me in his eyes. In the role of Xiaobai, the director thinks that some words that others are embarrassed to say are particularly reasonable for me to say, so the feeling of this role is simple, rough and crunchy '.

Bai Baihe is praised as the 'best choice' to play with Ge You

In order to pay tribute to director Feng and his predecessors in the performing arts circle, the three leading actors also reread the classic segments of Feng's comedy. Bai Baihe's interpretation of Ge You's "landlord's rent collection" in "Party A and Party B" is vivid, not to mention, but amused by himself frequently. Feng, who was sitting on the side, couldn't see any more. He played with Baihe on the scene and instructed him to look in place. So they rolled their eyes up on the stage, and the scene burst into laughter. When talking about why Bai Baihe was chosen to play his own play, Feng said, "Baihe is the best person to play after Liu Bei and ge you. Baihe's" out of tune "and" big and easy "temperament is completely consistent with the role of" Xiaobai ";. '

Bai Baihe repeatedly thanks the director for his affirmation and praise. In this cooperation with Feng and his predecessors, Bai Baihe revealed: "my role has always been half happy and half sad, and" private customization "has completely used my happy side, and I am particularly happy to shoot it.". As Pisces with Feng Xiaogang, Bai Baihe claims that he can feel his delicate temperament after filming. "He will be very serious when he is filming on site, but in fact, he is an easygoing and warm person in private. I can feel his temperament at the dinner table. I hope everyone sitting next to him is happy and delicate. '