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When is "custom made"? Film stars and plot introduction

Director: Feng Xiaogang

Screenwriter: Wang Shuo

Starring: ge you, Wang Baoqiang, Song Dandan, Li Xiaolu, Bai Baihe

Type: Comedy

Producer countries / regions: Mainland China

Language: Mandarin

Startup time: March 27, 2013

Date: June 18, 2013

Release date: 2013-12 (mainland China)

Introduction of private customized plot

The film shows the opposition between the returnees and the upstarts. The protagonist Qin Hai was originally a person at the bottom of the society, but he made a windfall through the invention patent. In order to change his position, he sharpened his head and wanted to drill into the aristocratic circle. In order to seek the pure noble blood girl, Qin Hai decided to accept the noble practice with the value of 200000 yuan per month. However, he was a returnee who was full of theories but did not consume his talents. Therefore, the returnees sincerely deceived Qin Hai every day. On the other hand, Qin Hai also gradually stepped into the fraud designed by noble girls. Gradually, Qin Hai finally understood that there was no aristocracy in the world.