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Transformers 4 first revealed Optimus Prime's new shape, left hand holding shield, right holding lon

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Optimus Prime model

On November 26, Internet news from all over the world, according to foreign media reports, the 2014 science fiction blockbuster Transformers: age of extinction, directed by Michael Bay, first exposed the brand-new shape of Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobot, and the three leading actors of the film, Mark & middlet; Walberg, Nicola & middlet; Peltz, Jack & middlet; Leno appeared on the cover of the famous film magazine empire in January 2014.

The brand-new model of Optimus Prime, with shield in his left hand and long sword in his right hand, looks like a brave warrior, with blue flame on his back, bright eyes and powerful posture. The new model is basically the same as a giant toy on display at the New York animation show a few months ago.