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Guo Jingming's "small age 3: Golden Age" will officially launch the story of Daoguang concept poster

Guo Jingming's novel "the small age", directed by himself, makes the novel into a movie version, which vividly displays the abstract things in the novel in front of the public. While the first two films have gained attention, then "little time 3" has become the focus of fans. When is it staged and what kind of realistic thoughts are conveyed in the film?

Adapted from Guo Jingming's novel of the same name and directed by Guo Jingming, two films "small times" were released in 2013. In the fierce summer festival, two of them won 800 million box office. At the same time, the news about whether to continue shooting the third film has been the focus of the outside world. Guo Jingming, the director, announced on the Internet on the evening of the 24th that "little age 3: the golden age" will be officially launched in December "and the first concept poster will be distributed.

Whether the information of "little time 3" star is still "snow hidden" in the summer is in doubt

At 14:30 p.m. on the 24th, Guo Jingming announced through the Internet that "at 9:00 p.m. this evening, I will release a message that everyone has been asking and looking forward to", and rarely said that "I'm so nervous", which quickly attracted attention. Netizens speculated that "little time 3" would be announced soon. At 21 o'clock that night, Guo Jingming announced through the Internet: 'last year, when I first decided to be a director, I asked you: & lsquo; after so many years, are you still loving your childhood? Do you still love it? & rsquo; this year, I may need to ask again. Because "little age 3: the golden age" will be officially launched in December. And a concept poster of "knife light version" was distributed, officially announcing the launch of "small age 3".

Guo Jingming announced the first concept poster of "Dao Guang edition" through the Internet at the same time. One of the most striking is the title of the film "small age 3 & middot; golden age", which is the first time that "small age 3" officially announced a new title, which is different from the previous "Fengyin era" which was spread online.

In addition, in addition to the name of the director Guo Jingming, the information about the leading actor and the creator is "secret". It seems that Lin Xiao, Gu Li and other heroines are still not able to come to a conclusion. However, judging from the words "2014 Summer" displayed in the poster, Guo Jingming intends to make an appointment with the audience in advance to go to "little time 3" in 2014 Summer.

The trend of "little age 3" concept Poster

For the first time, the concept poster of "Daoguang edition" has a mapping meaning. The main vision of the poster is that two knives and one scalpel are arranged to form the Roman numeral 'Ⅲ'. The third film of "small times" is transmitted. Three sharp knives are bright and cold. The bloody scalpel at the tip is in the center, which is distinct and outstanding, bringing people the feeling of "stabbing pain" and "heaviness", implying the sadness of the plot youth after colliding with the reality, and forming a contrast with the beautiful youth in 1 and 2.

The whole poster is mainly gray and white. On the title information number '3', a trace of blood makes people confused. The background of the poster is made of gauze, which seems to imply the meaning of restoration. The whole poster is intended to convey the theme of "self and mutual treatment in an era of injury" through the elements of "scalpel" and "bloodstain". It is hard to avoid associating with the key plot of "advocating light and plastic surgery" in the original work of "small times" and attracting people's imagination. In addition, an English sentence "to be blind, to be loved" on the poster is from the original novel, which causes fans to speculate on multiple versions.