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Monkey King, Nine Tailed Fox, ox demon king and Princess Iron Fan?

Journey to the west, one of China's four famous books, contains many classic chapters. Among them, the monkey king's havoc in the heavenly palace bridge was filmed as a movie version. The movie is scheduled to be released on the first day of the lunar new year, and the final Trailer exposes the love history of the magic world.

The 3D magic blockbuster journey to the West will be released on New Year's day in 2014. The movie's Ultimate Trailer was officially released today - the monkey king turns into an animal and jade emperor, happily and playfully playing in the Dragon Palace, depressed and making all fairies unable to move, angry and making a scene, which will satisfy the fantasy imagination of the whole family. The film also announced that the first round of the film's Spring Festival Show will be released in 32 countries and regions in Asia and around the world. This magic film, born out of a Chinese classic, will take the Oriental superheroes to the world in the new year of 2014.

The ultimate preview reveals the plot of magic epic

The dialogue of the characters in the final exposed Trailer makes the plot clearer. The monkey king caused havoc in heaven, resulting in countless entanglements with the Jade Emperor and the ox demon king; Princess Tiefan sacrificed for love, while the ox demon king fell into a dilemma for the demon and love, and the tortuous love between them is worrying; the partner beyond race of Monkey King and Nine Tailed Fox is affectionate and fresh, and the two have no guess, which leads to imagination; The four heavenly kings, Xiaotian dog, Huaguo Mountain monkey, demons and other magic soldiers with different shapes are awed by the audience for their fierce power or charming simplicity. After watching the film, a senior media person said, "the film story is adapted without subversion. Knowing the ending but not missing the details makes the old and new people full of interest in the reconstruction of this classic story, as well as a fresh and fashionable taste. "In the end, who is the king among the three heroes, what is the relationship between the monkey king and the Nine Tailed Fox, and what is the end of the love between the Bull Demon King and Princess Iron Fan? Audiences need to go to the cinema on the first day of the lunar new year to find out for themselves.