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What's the name of the theme song? Who sang it?

The film "Beijing love story" released its theme song MV "Beijing love" yesterday. This theme song created by Xiao Ke has moved countless audiences with its unique warmth and has been praised as "a heart piercing song". Many of the audience who were stabbed in tears recalled their 'city love story' with this song, and Shu Qi also expressed the feeling that 'love is very luxurious'. As for Xiao Ke's masterpiece after waiting for you to love me, because of love and steady happiness, director Chen Sicheng has high hopes that it will be recognized by everyone and "become a warm melody in our life with a certain film clip".

Reminiscence of 'love story'

Shu Qi sighs' love is luxurious'

In love in Beijing, Xiao Ke, a creative talent, tries to find the original intention of love through the haze and crowded Beijing. Xiao Ke believes that haze and congestion are the most intuitive feelings for many people in Beijing, not only in terms of climate and traffic, but also in terms of people's psychology. This is also the feeling of many people living in the first tier cities. It's the 'price of love' that couples in metropolis have to pay. Some netizens said that "Beijing love" expresses not only the love of Beijing, but also the love of many cities. This feeling is connected.

"The reason why we remember a city is that there is an important person or an unforgettable story.", After the launch of Beijing love, it has aroused the audience's' love story memories'. The scenes of Beijing and other cities in the MV remind countless audiences of the days when they struggled, loved, struggled and loved in the city. They sigh about the 'love that has passed away, is being owned, that will happen but never left us', and' Goddess' Shu Qi laments' love is very luxurious'. Some viewers saw their former offices, rented rooms and the little things along the way from the flash camera. Others said that 'love is really precious, especially the love in Beijing. It's really nice to hear. After listening to it, I have the impulse to take her hand to walk on the street'.