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The box office of the movie "the battle of the lost treasure"

With the three-day box office breaking through 100 million yuan, the 3D cartoon movie "bear haunt: the treasure of the bear soldier" has led the Spring Festival Schedule in 2014. Recently, the film company held a celebration conference in Beijing. With the theme of "ten thousand bears haunt, happy to lie down", Tongren from the cinema, media, film and cartoon fields were invited to jointly commemorate the current brilliant box office achievements. After the film successfully broke the box office records of domestic cartoon on the first day and the first weekend of its release, it is easy to hit the total box office record of domestic cartoon (the original record of 166 million), thus realizing the first "three new" of Chinese films in 2014. The film may become the first domestic cartoon film with box office exceeding 200 million.

"Bear haunt" broke box office records in public, becoming a new benchmark for domestic cartoons

After its official release on January 17, the film "bear haunts the treasure, bear soldier" won 32.4 million box office on the first day, breaking the first day box office record of domestic cartoons, second only to Kung Fu Panda 2 and ice age 4. In the following first weekend, the film's layout and attendance rose sharply, continuing the rapid momentum of the first day of release, realizing the box office myth that the domestic animation's first release exceeded 100 million in three days. At the celebration banquet, the film released three brand-new short films, which focused on the box office, word-of-mouth and industry influence of the film from multiple perspectives. It was the result of the joint efforts of cartoon film lovers in various fields that "the bear haunts the treasure and the bear soldier" took the lead in the spring Festival. At the same time, the film is about to break the total box office record of domestic cartoon films (the original record is 166 million kept by "jubilant") and celebrate ahead of time. As the first domestic cartoon to achieve the "three new" box office records of premiere day, premiere week and total box office, "the bear haunts the treasure and the bear soldier" is still a strong box office trend this week. It is also expected by the industry that it will become the first domestic animated film to break through the 200 million box office mark. In, a domestic film website, the score of "bear haunts: Treasure grabbing bear soldier" is 7.4, and it is also the only domestic work with a score of more than 7 among all cartoon films during the Spring Festival.