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Shylock's detective style PK Di Renjie Bao Qingtian

After the new year's day, the British drama Shylock (hereinafter referred to as Shylock 3) has created a high number of ratings and hits, causing Chinese netizens to continue to revel. One of the secrets is that the two detectives frequently sell cute and play tricks while solving the case. For this reason, people's daily commented: we have a detective named Di Renjie, which is also good. Many people agree with this, while others are curious. How can we make Chinese spies go to the world?

A new season of idol drama

The first episode of Shylock 3 reveals the biggest suspense left by the second season, the mystery of suspended animation. According to British media reports, there were nearly 10 million viewers in front of the TV that night, which is also the highest rating of the play since it was broadcast. Think back to the second episode, which had nine million viewers.

At the same time, China's independent video website also set the highest premiere record in the history of British and American dramas, with an average broadcast volume of 7.77 million per episode. Some netizens said, "juan Fu is becoming more and more humanized. This season is more lifestyle and more British. But some netizens are dissatisfied with the fact that the new season's detective dramas are less and more like idol dramas. I have a strong suspicion that Yu's mother has sneaked into the writing group. '

The last episode of this season will be broadcast on January 13, and countless netizens express regret and regret for it. In the third episode, called "the last oath", the 'successor' of the villain moliati will finally appear. The screenwriter of this episode, smofat, said: 'this is a great villain. He will make you shudder and helpless. In the trailer, it also indicates that Shylock may destroy the person he loves most in his life.

"Di Renjie" takes the international route, should give consideration to plot and interest

Netizens expressed their opinions on how to help Di Renjie go international. Some people think that the actors who play Shylock and Watson are not handsome at all, and they are still a little old. "For example, Juan Fu is even jokingly called by the audience as having a horse face." their popularity in the group of appearance association is entirely due to the charm of the characters themselves: the reasoning is the reasoning, the cute is the cute, and the idol drama grafted on the basis of detective drama has no sense of disobedience on them.

It is generally believed that the audience rating of the play is definitely not only due to the attraction of the handsome combination, but also because the logical part of the play is also attractive. "Shylock's suspended animation alone has been designed in 13 different ways, each of which can convince the audience that it has a rigorous British academic style, stimulating the brain, no preaching flavor and full of entertainment. '

The reporter observed that, compared with the desolation of domestic dramas in the past two years, "Shylock 3" is still very popular. The script is the foundation of a play. Compared with some domestic films and TV plays, which always focus on hyping topics and playing big names to gain audience rating and reputation, "Shylock" is obviously more solid.

Similarly, in Shylock 3, it not only takes care of the needs of the audience who like to watch detective dramas, but also takes care of the needs of the majority of people who pursue relaxed and happy watching dramas. Some netizens also said that if 'Mr. Bao' and 'Mr. Di Renjie' also put on a high air, they will not be loved by the general public.