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Episode 7 of green arrow Season 2: diggle falls into the trap set by the count with mysterious disea

Green arrow Season 2 Episode 7:

Oliver is worried about a mysterious disease that has engulfed the city of Tallinn and sickened hundreds of people, including diggle. Oliver found vertigo in diggle's blood sample, which made him realize that "the count" had escaped from prison in the earthquake and returned to work. At the same time, Moira appeared in court for her part in the plot to destroy the Ze area. Assistant prosecutor Adam Donner fainted in court after vertigo poisoning, and laurel had to prosecute Moira instead. Oliver wants to stay in court with his family, but he has to catch the "the count" as soon as possible, which makes him in a dilemma. Felicity found a clue and fell into the trap set by the count. The situation became more critical!