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Broken Sister Episode 8 of season 3: Caroline's heart is hurt when she is pigeoned by a surfer

The bankrupt sister is a comedy movie about two losers who often have a small cake shop, but because of the involvement of rock stars, the business of the cake shop is booming. This hit show has been updated every day since its launch. Let's take a look at the interpretation of the latest episode 8.

Bankrupt sister Season 3 Episode 8

Caroline received an invitation from the surfer man to have dinner. She was about to go out with elaborate dressing. Sophie suddenly came to the door and sent a gift. Caroline later found that she had been pigeoned.

Max and Caroline go to harrow's father and daughter store. Caroline is determined to wait for the surfer man. She is despised by max.

Max asked the lovelorn man to flirt with Caroline, but the lovelorn man also left Caroline. Caroline was hurt.