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TV drama new happy meeting Episode 4 plot Preview: Feifei Cailing quarrels with Yang Jiachou Shaolan

New happy meeting Episode 4

Feifei and Cailing's wedding was held in Lian's family. According to Lian's family tradition, Cailing, who became a sister-in-law, had to serve tea for Zhisen and Feifei. Feifei will never let go of this great opportunity. She will try her best to keep Cailing in trouble. Seeing Feifei attack with all her strength, Cailing is not willing to be outdone. She makes a fool of Feifei and makes a fool of her at the wedding. At the wedding, Feifei and Cailing push each other for more exposure, which makes Shaolan feel ashamed. After the wedding, the two couples decided to travel around the world for their honeymoon, but before they set out, they argued over the driver of Lian's family.

Different honeymoon routes

People quarrel unceasingly, but in the end, Shaolan has to come forward to calm down the incident. Shaolan's cousin and confidant Zhu Kaijun told her that seeing their relationship so bad, they were really worried that Feifei and Cailing would have trouble on their honeymoon. It turns out that Shaolan had expected this to happen, so he deliberately arranged for Feifei and Cailing to travel around the world in different routes, just to avoid meeting them. But the enemy is narrow, Feifei and Cailing finally meet in Brazil. As Shaolan and others expected, when the two women met, they naturally had a dispute. As a result, the tour group had an accident and became international news. Shaolan, who was in Hong Kong, was disheartened when she saw the news.

Ask the wife to stop fighting

When Zhijie and Zhisen returned to Hong Kong, they realized that the accident in Brazil had become international news. Shaolan must be very angry. So the two brothers separated and asked their wives to make an appointment and ask them to stop fighting temporarily, so as not to make Shaolan dissatisfied and aggravate their prejudice against them. Feifei and Cailing also understand that it is of great importance and agree to cooperate. When the four returned to Hong Kong, Feifei and Cailing personally sent a hand letter to please Shaolan. But unexpectedly, the armistice agreement between the two could not be maintained the next morning. Feifei and Cailing, though they had already got out of bed, deliberately got up late to fight each other for face.

Feifei Cailing makes a fool of herself in public

Seeing their daughter-in-law deliberately fighting, Shaolan doesn't get angry and waits for them to have breakfast with them. Shaolan also takes the opportunity to arrange a trip for Feifei and Cailing, so that they won't have nothing to do after they get married. Shaolan arranges Feifei and Cailing to take the old people from the old people's home to the top of the mountain. However, Feifei and Cailing neglect to take care of the old people, which leads to an accident for the old people. Zhijie and Zhisen take Feifei and Cailing to attend the graduation ceremony. Feifei sings and dances on the stage to win the applause of the students. On the contrary, Cailing is canceled because of the arrangement of the school. The angry Cailing rushes onto the stage and deliberately dances in front of Feifei to grab the audience's attention, which makes Zhisen and Zhijie feel ashamed. After the graduation ceremony, Feifei and Cailing attended the auction together. In order to win Shaolan's favorite antiques, they madly bid for each other and did not give in to each other. Finally, the antiques were sold at a sky high price. Shaolan also saw the negative news about Feifei and Cailing in the newspaper & hellip; & hellip;

Shaolan rebukes his daughter-in-law

Shaolan asks Feifei and Cailing to fight sparrow. Although Zhisen and Zhijie try to dissuade them, Feifei and Cailing decide to take part in the fight in order to please Shaolan. It turns out that Shaolan's gambling skills are superb, which makes Feifei and Cailing suffer a lot. Later, Shaolan tells them that he has understood what happened recently, and is very angry that Feifei and Cailing have repeatedly destroyed the family name of Lian's family. Shaolan tells Feifei and Cailing their secret. It turns out that Shaolan has been paying attention to Zhisen and Zhijie's social life, and has already investigated everything about Feifei and Cailing. Shaolan Tan's fate can't prevent them from entering the gate of Lian's family. Shaolan also formally explains to the two girls that she is the master of Lian's family.