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24 episodes of Court on the tongue and sword of Hong Kong Opera: Zheng Siwei and Chen Zhenzhen get m

Court on tongue and sword episode 24

At Zhenzhen's request, Zhou Lan asks Yuhuan for help to delay the sentence. Siwei and others don't understand why Dafu shouts that Mengji is the murderer before he dies. Bao Xiang tries to make her inference.

Yao Wei was reinstated with the approval of the Qing Gao; Zhen Zhen went to the place where the rich man was killed and inquired one by one, and even wanted to bribe the Ding family to make a false confession.

Old lady pan was forced to find the mirror, but fortunately she was accepted by Siwei. When she saw Siwei getting along with Zhenzhen, old lady pan pointed out that they should be admiring each other.

Mengji hopes that Zhenzhen will make his wish come true and let him see Zhenzhen get married with xiahouwu. Xiahouwu and Zhenzhen discuss how to get married, but Zhenzhen says she doesn't like xiahouwu.

Siwei and Zhenzhen get married in prison. That night Zhenzhen takes medicine to make Siwei faint, and then goes to court to defend Mengji.

Jingquan refers to Mengji's kidnapping and killing of Dafu, while Zhenzhen tells the Ding family to testify in court?