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Love's way of life in Taiwan opera finale ending with warmth

Last week, the survival of love in Taiwan opera came to a close. The audience was not so good on the closing night, and the hero's "Empathy" affected the public praise.

Love's way to live ended last week, with only 1.04 ratings at the grand finale; my free years was always good, with 2.12 ratings last week; back to love broke a new high with 2.58 ratings.

The way to live of love ends with warmth

The way to live in love is created by the original crew of I may not love you. It continues to narrate the love way of older young women in a little fresh style. Although the genre and production style of the play are very similar to I may not love you, there is still a big gap between the two. The average rating of love's way to live is 0.98, with the highest rating of 1.39. Last week's official rating of 1.04, with average performance. "I may not love you" average ratings of 2.80, the highest ratings reached 5.51. There are many similarities between the two dramas. Apart from the content and style, even the male and female protagonists feel very similar. However, the way to live in love has not got the effect of "I may not love you". Some netizens analyzed that the reason is that the former protagonists' feelings are not as persistent and single-minded as the latter. Li Daren is the pronoun of a new good man, every woman Everyone is looking forward to their own love. Li Daren gives women perfect fantasy. Although we all know that this kind of pay is rare in real life, the existence of idol drama is just to make this kind of rare become 'reality'. In contrast, the hero's "Empathy" in "the way of love's survival" makes people less fantasy, so the word-of-mouth is not as good as "I may not love you". In addition, the slow pace, the male No. 2 is not pleasing and other hard injuries also make the play criticized and affect the audience.