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How many episodes are there in the rogue cake shop? Who does LAN Zhenglong play?

Series: 13 episodes

The story of rogue cake shop

The rogue cake shop is adapted from a cartoon by wonai Yingce. Taking the cake shop run by a gangster as the stage background, this paper describes the story of the protagonist who came to Taiwan from Japan, the former group leader who eloped with his mother and his subordinates. The protagonist is an overseas Chinese with Japanese accent who grew up in Japan.

Actors of rogue cake shop

LAN Zhenglong as Qin Shiwu

Role description: when a fighting genius becomes a cake shop assistant

Yasumi Nagasawa as Chen Qianhui

Role description: when rebellious daughter turns into dark angel

Ma Rulong as Mai Songqi

Role description: when the gangster turns into a cake maker