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Back to the climax of 11 episodes before love

Back to the 11 episodes before love:

After the tornado new product launch meeting, Xi Wei learned that five years ago, Hailin rescued herself from the fire!

He caught up with her and wanted to ask her all the things at once;

Looking at hiwei who is full of doubts, how will Hailin give him a satisfactory answer?

Even if the mystery of the past is solved, the current love triangle is still in the stage of inseparable & hellip;

Qixiang takes Hailin's hand in front of Xi Wei and claims that they have been in contact with each other, but Hailin does not deny it;

Seeing Hailin let Qixiang take away, will Xiwei's enthusiasm fade or burn fiercer;?

Xiwei still finds Hailin and takes off bliss bracelet, which has been with him for a long time.

He told Hailin that he had occupied Hailin's happiness for too long & hellip; to return all happiness to Hailin!

Such ambiguous words, can Hailin take back this long lost love?

Youxi, who is out of the game, seems to be full of revenge & hellip; what amazing move will she make this time?