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My free years episode 7 Liuchuan jealous Bridge

In order to cover up his 3631 identity, Liuchuan asks riqi to go on a date with Jiaen instead of himself, but he is jealous of their intimate relationship. Now let's take a look at the details of Jiaen!

1. When Jiaen and riqi are frying white fish, and Jack is bluffing with his brother, Liuchuan obviously doesn't want Jiaen to be recited by riqi again. Will say: Well, the success of the next

2. Jiaen came to the dormitory to look for 3631. After riqi went out with Jiaen, he asked himself whether it was ok? Of course it was not! He was so jealous that he rubbed Mo Dong's face. Later, holding Mo Dong Wo in his arms, he peeped at the window and looked worried. (but we still need to hide his concern)

3. Later riqi came back and asked him if he had been waiting for a long time. He tried to be brave and said no. But riqi said that Kane had given a gift. He wanted to know and pretended not to care. He covered his face with a book and later picked up a CD to read.

4. When eating hot pot, he always stares at Jiaen and riqi. When Jiaen asks 3631 what she likes to eat.