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Plot preview of 14 episodes of Court on the tongue and sword of Hong Kong Opera: Zheng Siwei cajoles

The court on the tongue and sword Episode 14

Xia houwu exposes four dimensional lies

Moved to tears by Xifeng's story, Qinggao said she was a great mother and decided to avoid Xifeng's death and sentence her to exile for ten years. Fan Geng goes to prison to recognize his mother. He blames himself for not listening to his mother's words. As a result, he harms his mother. On the day Xifeng was exiled, er Ming and Meng Ji also came to see her off. The people also gave her food and praised her maternal love.

Fan Geng hates Jingquan to the bone, but he has a clear sense of gratitude and resentment. He doesn't hate Er Ming because of Jingquan, and praises Er Ming as a kind man who is commensurate with each other as brothers.

Jing Quan deleted er's name from the genealogy. He named fan Geng Er long and added Er Long's name to the genealogy. Fan Geng refused to accept his ancestors, but Jing Quan said with pride that he was in Qingxin County, and he often met fan Geng. Fan Geng decided to leave Qingxin county to accompany Xifeng and not let Jingquan see him any more.

Fan Geng married Zhou Ju

Zhou Ju thought that it was right for fan Geng to be filial, but she still had to take care of her sister Zhou Lan, so she could not follow him. When Zhou Ju said goodbye to fan Geng, she said she would wait for fan Geng to come back. Fan Geng can't help but turn back and take Zhou Ju's hand, swearing to heaven that he will only love Zhou Ju in this life, and they will be married immediately. Zhou Ju said that he would build a pavilion on the mountain in ten years, waiting for fan Geng to return.

When Qinggao goes to Fengshou temple to eat tofu, he asks ChuChu if he has ever thought about expanding his business. He is even willing to lend money to ChuChu to show his support. Su Zhun sees through Qinggao's attempt at ChuChu.

Siwei wants to be a court judge

Siwei borrows Qing Dynasty laws from Qinggao. Qinggao thinks that if Siwei becomes a lawyer, Jingquan can't be alone and is willing to lend books to Siwei. Siwei asked Qinggao not to let Xia houwu know, otherwise they would not be friends.

When Siwei and master Ren moved out the Qing and spring laws, they were seen by Xia houwu. They had to tell a lie. As a result, Qinggao's favorite pornographic book was burned.

Siwei shows Zhenzhen the Qing Dynasty laws. Siwei feels that being a good lawyer can help a lot of people. Zhenzhen is confident that Siwei will be a good lawyer. Siwei means that only the paper written by Zhenzhen can match the mirror. Zhenzhen suggests that they cooperate to turn Confucius School into a lawyer's school. Siwei thinks that Xia houwu must be convinced first.

Siwei wants to overturn the case for Wufu

Siwei says to Xia houwu that he wants to be a lawyer. As Siwei expected, Xia houwu strongly opposes, but Zhenzhen points out that Siwei is trying to overturn the case for Xia houwu's father and return his innocence.

Mengji said that as long as we can prove that the evidence of that year is false, we can overturn the case. Bao Xiang also agreed to let Siwei have a try to let her know who killed her husband. Siwei is upset because he cheated Xia houwu. He really helps him, comforts him and encourages him to be a good lawyer. Er Ming learned to read lips and understand what they were talking about.

Su Zhun wants to marry ChuChu

Qinggao takes ChuChu to look at the shop and suggests that ChuChu find a good family to marry. Su Zhun suddenly appears. When ChuChu is not around Qinggao, he says that he specially comes to rescue Qinggao, because ChuChu married twice and her husband died in the hall. Qinggao sees through Su Zhun's selfishness, but Su Zhun says that he has already calculated. As long as he marries ChuChu as his concubine, he will be fine. But Qinggao made fun of Su Zhun, and his wife would not allow him to take concubines easily. Su Zhun wants to force his wife to take a concubine with no son in the seven rules, but Zhou Lan suddenly says he is happy.

Xia houwu overheard Er Ming say that Siwei cheated him, but he didn't really want to be a lawyer for his father. Siwei and Zhenzhen are waiting for Xia houwu to preside over the opening ceremony of the litigation master's hall. Xia houwu angrily comes and accuses Siwei of cheating him. He also cuts the plaque of the litigation master's Hall & hellip; & hellip;