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Huang Zihua's new love affair revealed: mysterious girlfriend looks like singer fan Xiaoxuan

The Hong Kong drama my lady, starring TVB new technology TV Emperor Huang Zihua, ushered in the grand finale last week. However, Huang Zihua's popularity is still burning, and all kinds of news emerge in an endless stream. Even Huang Zihua's dressing in the play has become the focus of fans' attention. Recently, the media revealed Huang Zihua's private life, and his mysterious lover showed signs. Sharp eyed netizens speculated that he might be Taiwan singer fan Xiaoxuan. Now let's take a look at the latest news of Huang Zihua broadcast by!

Hong Kong actor Huang Zihua, known as the Saviour of ratings, returned to the wireless shooting series "my lady" with an average of 28 points (about 1.8 million viewers). Although the myth of Zihua's ratings has been shattered, she is very happy in love. She had a new lover with short hair four months ago. Zihua Xinhuan, whose appearance has become a mystery, finally came to light the day before yesterday. It turns out that she looks like Taiwan singer fan Xiaoxuan, tall and handsome. A few days ago, Huang Zihua and his girlfriend went to Sheung Wan to have a look at the building, bought takeout and returned to Ho Wentian love nest for dinner.

Huang Zihua, 53, who broke up with Annie, a nine-year-old makeup artist, the year before last, said they were reunited. However, Huang denied it, stressing that it was "impossible" and untrue. At the end of last month, it was said that Zihua had been secretly dating a new girl with short hair for three months, and her husband had already settled in Zihua's he Wentian residence to live together. However, Zihua was extremely protective of the new relationship and refused to say more. Since Yu Zihua is extremely low-key about her new love, no media has ever captured her true face. Until the day before yesterday, Zihua's new love finally appeared. It turns out that Zihua's new love looks like Taiwan singer fan Xiaoxuan, which seems to be quite in line with Zihua's thin figure.