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Back to love before Episode 9 climax plot: Xiwei falls in love with Hailin, Youxi's secret will be r

Before returning to love, she kneels down again. Hailin hopes that Hailin can fulfill her love with hiwei and not rob hiwei. But Jiahui is very curious about the bracelet on Xi Wei's wrist. He guesses that Xi Wei and Hailin knew each other before. Will this lead to the revelation of the secret relationship between Hailin and Xi Wei five years ago?

Back to love Episode 9

"Your life is in your hands!"

When Fang Qixiang's design is completed, Hailin is leaving the company! Xiwei is more and more anxious. His cousin Xiang Kai has a panoramic view of Xiwei's inner contradictions and encourages Xiwei to stay with Hailin. But Hailing has made a decision in her heart & hellip;

In order to encourage Hailin to step forward and wave goodbye, Qixiang prepares a surprise and promises Hailin that he will be able to see the distance from Hailin when he turns around;

Is this the support and trust between friends or the advertisement of love?

The initial mass production of bicycle parts, with the efforts of Xiwei, the first car was finally built!

Xiwei owes the credit to Hailin and invites Hailin to take a test ride! As the wheel turns, the distance between them gets closer and closer, Xiwei feels more and more strongly about Hailin! Sandwiched between Hailin and Youxi, Xiwei feels the pull of love and kindness for the first time in his heart!

He made a decision to make a choice & hellip;

At the same time, Xiang Kai got the information about the fire five years ago from the clippings collected by HiVi, and then grasped the key evidence!

A photo, take people back to five years ago, four people relationship, shuffle is about to!