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How about getting married 15 episodes: Shufan successfully provokes the conflict between Yazhen and

How about getting married Episode 15

Yu Tong has a fever in the middle of the night. Zixuan rushes to see Zixuan anxious for Yu Tong. Yazhen is deeply moved. Yazhen confesses to Zixuan and thanks Zixuan for coming into her life and letting her believe in love and marriage again. However, hearing the word marriage, Zixuan's smile gradually faded.

Every time, Mr. Zhuang is single and goes to the wedding consulting company to negotiate, and even selects the bride's wedding dress. Xiaoshan suspects that Mr. Zhuang will follow him. The results of the investigation make haoze suspicious, but Yazhen thinks that we should trust customers. Haoze's position changes with the wind, and Yifei knows it clearly.

In the face of Yi Fei's question, haoze says that he is willing to bless Yazhen and Zixuan, and keeps his heart in the bottom of his heart. As long as Yazhen is happy, Yifei looks at haoze as if he sees himself. Haoze is invited to celebrate Yutong's birthday at Chunju gang in the evening. He asks Yi Fei to choose Yutong's birthday present. Haoze finds that Yi Fei has a lovely side under her calm appearance. Haoze shares his first painting with Yifei. He is in love with the buyer on the Internet. He doesn't even know about it. Yifei is happy. Yifei is surprised that haoze can draw. After talking with him, he finds that he seems to be the buyer!

Shufan, who is really invited to Xuan Ya's house, is not even suspicious of the whereabouts of xuanzifan. When Yazhen runs to Zixuan's house, he doesn't know whether he should open the door or not. He is afraid that he will see Zixuan betray her like Zhixiu. Zixuan doesn't understand why Yazhen's reaction is so fierce. Yazhen thinks Zixuan is lying openly and the two are in conflict. But this is only Shu fan's first move.