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Zhang Zifan's 24-hour marriage

On call 36 hours II episode 24

Man Yue debunks rainbow lie

Honghong goes to the hospital to visit Fanxing. When she leaves, manyue comes out and exposes Honghong's claim that he is a carrier of hepatitis B. he knows that Honghong donates blood every month. Hong Hong admitted that she did not have the courage to donate liver to save the mortal star, because she already had a family and had to bear the responsibility for her husband and son.

Murong Wei reveals to man Yue and qian'er that Wensheng has blood cancer, but refuses to seek medical treatment. Qian'er doesn't want the people around her to leave her one by one, asking Wensheng to receive treatment, and Wensheng agrees. Xi Xin asked her father's condition and advised him not to accompany her to England for heart surgery, because she felt that qian'er needed Wen Sheng more than she did. She asked her father to set a good example for her to treat her illness seriously, treat the people he likes seriously, and take good care of himself. Xinxin and xiqianer are happy together with their father and daughter.

Mortal star's life is in danger

Zhaolong accidentally broke his head and was admitted to hospital. When fan Xing saw that he was not happy, he sent him a painting. Xiaotong painted masks with different expressions and gave them to Pei Cong, saying that he wanted to be serious about dating him. Fanxing's condition into a dangerous stage, must be sent to the intensive treatment department, Su Jie said that the situation of Fanxing is not optimistic, with Qian son to have psychological preparation.

Qian'er felt despairing and tore up the poster of the rescue star action posted in the hospital. A man named ah Kun said that he wanted to register for blood test and liver donation to save the star. He explained the reason and showed the family photo on the mobile phone screen. Qian'er knew that ah Hui lost his life because he helped ah Kun that day.

Encourage Honghong to make compensation

Qian'er goes to Honghong and excitedly expresses that it is ah Hui who helps Honghong's husband, and the happiness that Hong Hong Hong has now is the result of ah Hui's sacrifice of his life. Ah Kun hears everything at the door and encourages Hong Hong Hong to make up for the past. Hong Hong was in good health for liver donation. Qian'er is in a good mood and has a big appetite, but he is worried that Fanxing will return to his mother.

Fan Xing's liver replacement operation is successful. When qian'er visits Hong Hong Hong, a Kun wants to avoid it. However, Hong Hong Hong asks her husband to stay, saying that she has nothing to hide about him. A Kun says that she will support Hong Hong Hong in everything, including recognizing fan Xing. Although Hong Hong Hong also wants to recognize her son, she knows that she is not qualified to fight with qian'er.

Sister Mo tore the marriage letter by mistake

Qian'er thinks it's best for Fanxing to grow up in a complete family. She suggests Hong Hong Hong and ah Kun see more Fanxing first to let them know that they cherish him. Yijian drinks with bingcan. Bingcan always feels that Yijian's mouth is full of spring, and suspects that he and Ziyu have made up. Yijian receives a phone call from Ziyu saying that sister Mo fell down. Yijian and bingcan immediately go to sister Mo's home.

Xinyi, who takes care of sister Mo, means that she travels around and buys a lot of things for Ziyu's marriage. Mo Jie urges Yi Jian to marry Ziyu again. Yi Jian shows his marriage certificate to his sister. Mo tears the certificate and points out that Yi Jian cheated her with a false certificate. She can't recognize bingcan.

Yijianziyu performs well

Ziyu sends a short message to Yijian when he leaves, and forces bingcan to help with a play. Yi Jian proposes to reissue the marriage certificate to Ziyu. Ziyu refuses and says that they have separated. She just wants to fulfill her wish, but she doesn't want to do anything else. Instead, she proposes to make a wedding banquet. Yijian thinks it's useless. The husband and wife do not give in to each other and make a lot of noise in the street. In order to calm down their disputes, bingcan offers to prepare everything for them.

Yijian and Ziyu go back to sister Mo's house. Aunt Xin takes advantage of the fact that she has fallen asleep and shows her embroidered gold thread skirt and gown for Ziyu. Ziyu is moved and understands that she is eager to see her marriage and decides to pay back her wish.