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The birth of the queen Episode 13: Judy and Mabel's war is getting worse

The birth of the queen Episode 13

[two losers become winners]

Mabel finally seized the opportunity to shoot a big milk advertisement! It seems that this is the chance for Mabel to turn red. But don't forget that Judy originally gave this opportunity to VIV and Mabel. When Judy knew that Mingtai had been helping Meibao secretly and Judy was burning with jealousy, how would she deal with mabao? How could Mabel and vivi's losers become winners?

But Mingtai and Yang Rui, two people who were not satisfied with each other, just when Mingtai confessed his intention to Meibao, Yang Rui couldn't help it any more. The competition between the two men became more and more fierce & hellip;

On this day, Judy walked into Meibao's house with dignity. While Meibao was on guard, she was more worried about Mingtai hellip;

What does Judy want? Mabel can really deal with the queen in front of her?