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Who sang my final song of the free age? What are the lyrics?

The drama "my free age" is on the air. The emotional entanglement between the male and female protagonists in the play deeply touched the hearts of the audience, and the songs paired in the TV play also have a strong flavor. So, what is the name of the ending song and who sang it?

Lyrics of "my free age"

Singing: Lin Fan

Cherish too much

I really want to continue

Care too much

Our tacit understanding

I'd rather do it now

stay put

Yes, my tears

Why not rest

It's silence that makes me allergic

Cowardice has lost its eyes

But I'm thick

Why not leave some room

Smile can't breathe

Missing the lingering sigh

Camouflage has no strength

I love you so clearly, but I have to cheat myself

I'm afraid of the future without you

No words and no words

Ignore and should not

It's the cruelest prison sentence in the world

I can only love you and cheat myself

In the end, I don't believe it

My care takes away my courage

Is it OK not to ask

Stay where I love you