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On call 36 hours Ⅱ 25 episode: Ziyu's tumor has been checked and can not be cured

On call 36 hours II episode 25

Ziyu appreciated Yijian's efforts

When she is in a car with Jianzi, she will be happy with her husband. After a close look, Ziyu found that it was Yijian on the bus. Ziyu was happy and moved to learn that Yijian was willing to drive again for her own sake. While walking with Ziyu, Yijian takes out the lucky medal given by Yikang for Ziyu to appreciate. She thinks that when there is a medal in her body, she will feel more comfortable doing anything.

My boyfriend brings surprise

Yijian presents a surprise to Ziyu, who laughs happily when she sees flowers and puppies. When they arrive at the restaurant, Yi Jian finds out that she has lost her lucky medal; when Yi Jian looks around, she can't find out. Ziyu suggests that she should go back and have a chance to find out. However, Yi Jian doesn't want Ziyu to work hard and decides to give up the search. Ignoring Yijian's advice, Ziyu secretly went back to the park to look for the medal, and finally let her find the medal. When Ziyu was holding the medal and was about to leave, she suddenly couldn't stand on her feet & hellip; & hellip;

Looking for award-winning brands

After waiting for a long time, Yijian did not see Ziyu, so he looked for her whereabouts. When Yijian saw that Ziyu was so ill that she could not even stand up, he was so anxious that he immediately took Ziyu to the hospital for examination. Zhiyue examined Ziyu carefully and thought that Ziyu must be operated immediately to remove the tumor. Ziyu and others are also very clear about the risk of surgery, so they have to leave everything to Zhiyue. Zhiyue prepares for the operation for her daughter and collects relevant information on the website as much as possible. However, Zhiyue can't help feeling complicated when he thinks that his daughter's life is all in his hands.

Ziyu Meixue tells her mind

Yijian is ready for Ziyu's operation. Xiaoyi and bingcan can only give him spiritual support. It is the night that Meixue accompanies Ziyu in the hospital. The two sisters tell each other's worries through a long night. When Ziyu was ill, she suddenly realized that people who were sick might not be unhappy. Looking at the care and care of the people around her, Ziyu felt more lucky.

Meixue knows that Ziyu is worried about the failure of the operation, but she can only encourage her sister. Yulan and others watched Ziyu being pushed into the operating room and were worried that their eyes would turn red;

Ziyu tumor can not be cured

Although no one in the hospital went to the operating room to see Ziyu, he still wished her well. Zhiyue extracted tumor cell tissue from Ziyu in the operating room to determine its properties.

Zhiyue and yijianbian remove the tumor for Ziyu while waiting for the laboratory report. Everyone is in a state of anxiety. When Zhiyue learned that Ziyu's tumor was astrocytoma, his heart sank; Yijian realized that the tumor cells on Ziyu could not be completely removed, so they could not help but take a breath of cool air & hellip; Zhiyue finally did his best to remove all the cytomas that could be removed.

Pei Cong questions the value of doctors

When Ziyu woke up, she was immediately frustrated to learn that the tumor was astrocytoma and malignant. As a doctor, Ziyu knew better that she was going to receive a series of painful treatments, which made her feel helpless and sad. Pei Cong can't bear the news that Ziyu can't cure the tumor. She is angry and doubts whether she can really help the patient as a doctor. Jing Jing understands Pei Cong's mood, but she can only accompany her side silently. Yijian accompanies Ziyu for a walk in the hospital. Ziyu calmly tells Yijian about her feelings after the operation. Yijian decides that in any case, he will support Ziyu by her side & hellip; & hellip;