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Beauty dragon soup episode 3: Zhao people kill Long Tai

Beauty dragon soup episode 3

Renmei lived in Longtang with a nervous mood, and spontaneously cleaned all parts of the soup spotlessly. Although Lao Tu did put on airs and deliberately abused her, long Shoucheng quickly treated her like a family and friend. This was a temperature that Renmei didn't feel after she was five years old. On the other hand, Long Tai disguises Tianhe as perfect, but Renhu thinks something is wrong. He comes to the dragon's house to meet Renmei at night and asks Renmei to help him find the evidence of false Tianhe, and guarantees that Renmei can leave the Zhao family to realize his dream after a year.

In fact, when she was a child, she was praised as the future star of ballet. She inherited her mother's talent for ballet. But after her mother's death, because of her grandmother's strong resistance, she cut off the road to become a ballet actress. All along, she still has a dream. She hopes to have the opportunity to go abroad to make a pilgrimage to the place where her mother learned to dance. In order to achieve this goal, she began to spy on Longtai After all, is it true that Tian He, and because of this trial of human beauty, almost killed Longtai hellip;