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Plot of my lady 10: pistil refuses Ma Ming's confession and flower bud conspires to kill people

My lady Episode 10

Huarui feels uneasy for Ma Ming's confession, so she shares her feelings with Baijian. Depressed Bai Jian decides to ask Guangnan for help and asks him to stop selling stamens to Ma Ming, but Guangnan refuses. Ma Ming in celebration of the establishment of the network platform banquet, in public to Huarui sent precious jewelry, Baijian was greatly hit. Guangnan's words inspire Baijian's fighting spirit. Baijian also decides to change his laziness and work hard. Pistil tells Ma Ming that he can't accept his love, and the flower bud thinks it's Guang Nan who did it behind his back. Guangnan and others find that Fen Qiang often goes missing without any reason. It turns out that Shuhua is going to hold a big wedding and asks Zou Fenqiang to borrow money from the nightclub. In order to help his brother, Guangnan and others work together as male pr. Guangnan received a short message from Huarui that she would have dinner with Ma Ming, contacted flower bud immediately, and killed Ma Ming's house with her & hellip; & hellip;