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On call 36 hours Ⅱ 20 episodes: Ruihua goes to the United States to trace Amber's medical records, a

On call 36 hours II episode 20

Wen Sheng said his daughter's condition is not easy to deal with, Daguang suggested that he personally operate the knife for her daughter. Xiaoyi talked to Yijian about his family situation. Yijian suggested that Xiaoyi apply for transfer. When Ying he and Ziyu explain their illness to Yunqin, they hope that she can discuss with her family, but Yunqin says that she will deal with it alone. Qian'er is sleeping in the living room when he encounters the leakage of petroleum gas, and is saved by Wensheng. Meixue reveals that Ruihua will go to the United States for her to track Amber's medical records. Yulan and Ziyu are worried that this will affect the relationship between Meixue and bingcan. Murong Wei suddenly felt dizzy. The doctor suspected that he had a brain tumor. Manyue urged him to have an examination, but Murong Wei showed no concern. Manyue proposed that if Murong Weiken could cure the disease, he would be willing to dance with him. Ruihua finds out Amber's illness and family background, as well as her old relationship with bingcan & hellip; & hellip;