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On call 36 hours Ⅱ 18 episode: Xixin faints due to heart disease, and the mortal star disappears

On call 36 hours II episode 18

Pei Cong expresses his love to Tong

Justin told Wensheng and Ziyu that after leaving hospital, he would stay in Yulan's dance room to do clerical work and study wheelchair dance. He also planned to write a book about his experience of reform and anti-cancer. Justin saw his father hiding in a corner and happily called him. The father and the son had a real dialogue, which made her feel that the world was promising.

Yijian apologizes to Wensheng and tells Ziyu that he will not bother her any more. No matter Ziyu wants to separate or live apart, he will try to accept it. When Wen Sheng and his daughter run, Xi Xin suddenly faints. Su Jie said that Xixin had heart problems and asked whether she had undergone heart surgery when she was a child. Manyue said she was too young to replace the valve, but had made an appointment with a British hospital for the operation.

Mei Xue suspects amber pretends to be ill

Wensheng blames manyue for not telling his daughter about his daughter's illness. Instead, manyue refers to Wensheng's abandonment of her daughter. They argue loudly in the ward and wake Xi Xin, who drives them away. Wen Sheng recalls his daughter's life after returning to Hong Kong and blames himself for his carelessness. Ziyu's words untied Wen Sheng's heart knot, and he decided to make up for his daughter.

Mei Xue suspects that amber is pretending to be ill with insulin, pointing out that she may have Montessori syndrome. Patients with this disease know how to inject and what medicine to take, and what side effects will be. They keep seeing a doctor, but the doctor can't find out what's wrong with him. Ziyu thinks that amber should be advised to see a psychiatrist.

Secret decoding of dominoes

Yulan found antispasmodic and tuberculosis drugs in Amber's belongings, and Mei Xue recorded in Amber's notes that she met five to six different specialists a week. Yulan is worried that amber's affairs will affect the relationship between Meixue and bingcan. Ziyu suggests that he inform bingcan, but Meixue demands that she be given more time to deal with it, and asks her mother and Ziyu not to mention Amber's secret to anyone.

Ruihua borrows a medical book from Yijian. When Yijian goes home to pick up the book, he sees Ziyu building a signboard. Ziyu hints that he will stay for dinner. Yijian couldn't find the book. Ziyu said that she knew he wanted to use it. She had put the book in the hospital's locker for him, but she didn't tell Yijian the password, which meant that it was very interesting to build dominoes.

Both of them are missing

Daguang tells Pei Cong about his daughter. Pei Cong thinks Daguang suggests that he has the courage to pursue Xiaotong. Yi Jian builds a domino to study his wife's suggestion. Pei Cong pesters him for emotional affairs. Yi Jian advises Pei Cong to find out which one he likes and then falls in love happily. Peicong sends a short message to tell Jingjing that he likes another girl, but the other party replies without comment. Pei Cong and Xiaotong change the water for Xi Xin and fan Xing. After returning, Xi Xin and fan Xing are gone.

They held a celebration for Hanbang's promotion. The hospital informed Shao Ying that she could not find Andy and asked her to go back to the hospital to deal with the patient as soon as possible. Ziyu also received a notice saying that Xi Xin and fan Xing were at a loss, so she went back to the hospital to help. Ruihua also made an appointment with Amber's former attending doctor and left early.

Xi Xin's willful apology

Andy tells Ruihua that his doctor's robe is missing and asks Ruihua to help him find it. Ruihua says something is wrong. Andy thinks he went to see his girlfriend and refuses to help. Pei Cong and Xiaotong find Xi Xin and fan Xing on the Tiantai. Xi Xin teaches fan Xing to send a letter to his father with a balloon, and puts fan Xing in a doctor's robe to act as a doctor.

Man Yue blames Xi Xin, and Xi Xin points out that man Yue is not her mother and is not qualified to scold her. Manyue is excited and complains that he connives Xi Xin so willfully. Wensheng apologizes to man Yue and her daughter and asks her daughter to let him take care of her.