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Love in the Tonghua flying plot introduction and role description

Love is a Taiwan Idol romantic drama when Tung flowers are flying. Xia Xiaoyu and Zheng Qingtian have a very tortuous process from meeting each other to having feelings. Let's have a detailed understanding of the story!

Story introduction:

Xia Xiaoyu (played by Xu Huixin) returns from Beijing to Taiwan, where he has long been absent. The purpose of this trip is very simple, that is, to find a Taiwanese heartless man who committed suicide by his good sister Chang Ling. Xia Xiaoyu came to Beijing with her parents in business when she was a child. After finishing her studies, Xia Xiaoyu worked in a travel agency in Beijing. After hearing about the experience of her good sister Chang Ling (Xu Aixin), she finished the plane ticket and printed the photos and basic information of the heartless man from Changling's computer, killing Miaoli Sanyi all the way. Thirsty, into a super business to buy mineral water, but good to die encountered robbery!

Xia Xiaoyu's sense of justice was immediately inspired. She was reckless and ignored the goods on the display shelf. She rushed forward to fight with the robbers. The robbers did not expect that xiaonizi was very good at martial arts, so she left two packets of cigarettes and fled. Xia Xiaoyu bravely chased after her. She once lost the figure of the gangster. Looking around for a while, she saw that the "gangster" actually took off her mask and helmet, rode a bicycle and passed by her as if nothing had happened.

Xia Xiaoyu, with sharp eyes, recognized the figure and dress of the "gangster", so he overtook him and kicked him to the ground. Kong Hanji (Zhang Zhaozhi), deputy leader of the local patrol team, led his police dog Kuma to arrive and praised Xia Xiaoyu's heroic performance. When he turned over the "gangster", he was surprised to find that it was Zheng Qingtian (Xiujie Kai) & hellip; & hellip;

As like as two peas with certainty, Kong Hanji took the two men to take notes, and he did not want to believe that Zheng Qingtian, who was familiar with her childhood, would be a super businessman. Zheng Xiaotian couldn't argue beyond dispute. Xia Xiaoyu was a very clear example of the &hellip, … until the inspector inspected the police, he found that the real robber had been dressed exactly like Zheng Qingtian, and finally confirmed that Xia Xiaoyu did catch the wrong person … &hellip. Xia Xiaoyu called out Sorry, slow down! She saw Zheng Qingtian's face more clearly and quickly took out the photo to compare it. Then she called out: -- it's you! -- heartless man!

Zheng Qingtian has long been used to his brother's romantic debts. He explains his twin relationship with his brother to Xia Xiaoyu, and tells him that he took a tour guide to Africa, and I'm afraid he can't contact him in a short time. Xia Xiaoyu hesitated, thinking that nothing could be said in vain. So she decided to stay and wait for the loser to fall into the trap. The B & B run by Qingtian just became her residence in Miaoli.

For the arrival of Xia Xiaoyu, the most sensitive is Li Cunmei (Xiaoxian), who is rumored to be Zheng Qingtian's fiancee. Guo Fusheng (Peng cha cha), a local gentry in Sanyi, talked about a land development case with Hao's group in mainland China. Hao Dafeng (Liang Zhengqun), the second generation of rich people in mainland China, Xia Xiaoyu's childhood sweetheart, followed by the reason of this investment case. Unexpectedly, Zheng Qingtian, an old colleague of his company, took the lead in protesting the land development case in the name of environmental protection.

And Guo Fusheng's daughter Guo Chengmei (Liang Ying Wen) is also a friend who grew up with Zheng Qingtian. Guo Fusheng was very famous in the wood carving industry when he was young. He and Zheng Yunshan (Xu Xiaoshun), Zheng Qingtian's father, were brothers in the same school. Later, they changed their business and then went into politics. Now they are a well-known representative of public opinion and have power and power. However, the Guo and Zheng families had a feud over a wood carving competition more than ten years ago. Guo Fusheng secretly used his hands and feet in order to win and hurt Zheng Qingtian's father From then on, he was far away from woodcarving and his family. Guo Fusheng felt guilty, but Zheng Qingtian, who had been influenced by his father, could not forget about woodcarving. Cheng Yi (Chen Zhiqiang), Guo Fusheng's son, runs a so-called Sanyi area's largest art shop. He is full of expectations for the joint venture land development case, so he harbors a grudge against Zheng Qingtian, who came to protest.

Xia Xiaoyu lives in B & B. because of her prejudice against Zheng Qingtian, she and Hao Dafeng are in constant conflict. In addition, Li Cunmei and Hao Dafeng mix up in the middle, and the previous generation of Guo and Zheng's family have a grudge. Hao Dafeng, who always thinks money can't solve the problem in Miaoli, has encountered problems that money can't solve in Miaoli. Li Cunmei is afraid that Xia Xiaoyu and Zheng Qingtian will encounter sparks The next morning, Zheng Qingguang, the legendary heartless man, finally returned to Taiwan, and Chang Ling killed Miaoli hellip; in the name of free travel, it was really a series of good plays.


Xia Xiaoyu

Xu Huixin plays

Female, 25 years old, is not tall, and her weight is not heavy. It is said that the standard is very standard, but she has a woman's very non-standard equipment: taekwondo black belt! So, even if she has the appearance and personality of bees and Butterflies & hellip; However, she is a warm and generous girl who attaches great importance to love and justice. She likes to fight against injustice and despises others being bullied and wronged. Although sometimes she is too kind, she helps, but the point is that she has a heart of passion, love and enjoying life!

She loves the earth and life. She is a LOHAS believer. She dreams of traveling around the world and introduces all the good things she has experienced to people all over the world; Everything has its own. Qianjin, President of Beijing's largest travel agency, is Miss Chang Da, who helps Xiaoyu realize her dream of traveling around the world. Chang Ling immediately gives her a problem! This is the beginning of all stories. Because of her emotional entanglement, Chang Ling sends Xiaoyu to Xiaoyu's hometown, Miaoli, and Hao Dafeng, Xiaoyu's childhood sweetheart. However, she meets Zheng Qingtian, her former colleague, who has become her rival in love.

Zheng Qingtian

Played by Xiu Jiekai

Male, 28 years old, born in Sanyi, Miaoli, Taiwan, is a typical Sunshine Youth with strong body and love of sports. Born in a wood carving family, he held an important position in the mainland's Hao's group and was responsible for mergers and acquisitions of other companies. Zheng Qingtian couldn't bear his conscience. He gave up his high paying job in Beijing and went back to his hometown of Miaoli to help his grandmother manage a distinctive B & B. Although grandma felt strange, she didn't ask much. However, the original sunshine youth no longer sunshine, but turned into a blue boy with a cloud on his head.

Usually, there will be a little rain in the cloudy sky. After the light rain came to Miaoli, there were some slits in the dark cloud above the sky, which made Optimus feel the warmth of sunshine once again. Xia Xiaoyu's bravery, directness, simplicity, enthusiasm, repeatedly collided with the heart wall of giant sky. While Qingtian is fully alert and counterattack, he finds that his heart has moved hellip; only, can he love at this moment? Can he give happiness to others? While Optimus constantly doubts himself, he also gives Chengmei and wind space to enter the love storm. No one knows what kind of weather will be after this storm?

Zheng Qingguang

Played by Xiu Jiekai

Male, 28 years old. The legendary "heartless man" is also Zheng Qingtian's twin brother. He is a professional tour guide. He has a humorous personality, but is not vulgar. Perhaps because he loves freedom too much, he is quite afraid to enter the family! Therefore, his biggest dream in life is probably to happily talk about love without marriage. In fact, he is not an irresponsible person, he just doesn't know whether he can be responsible?

If you want to ask him, does he love you? The answer may be divided into two types, but before he answers, he will confirm whether you want to get married or not! If you want to, he certainly says he doesn't love you! If you don't want to get married, he definitely says love, and it's not just about talking about it! The bad thing is that Chang Ling wants to get married, so Zheng Qingguang is forced to hide everywhere! In fact, Qingguang loves Changling, he is really afraid of getting married! I didn't expect that, Finally, he finally decided to face Chang Ling's feelings. However, he could not help asking Chang Ling if he really wanted to get married? Could he wait a few more years?

Hao Dafeng

Played by Liang Zhengqun

Male, 27 years old, is a rich second generation brought up in mainland China with a golden spoon. The word "rich and polite" is engraved on his body like an ancestor's motto. Therefore, Hao Dafeng, who is handsome and modest, is the most prominent prince charming among his peers since childhood. It's a pity that prince charming always breaks the hearts of female students, because there is only one "black belt Princess" Xia Xiaoyu in Prince Charming's eyes.

As the son of Hao Chaofu, the president of Haoshi group, Dafeng has been trained to be a professional manager who has the basis to deal with affairs, be confident and agile, and take charge of his own affairs. After Hao Dafeng knew that Xia Xiaoyu was going to Taiwan and Miaoli was going to take the lead for his good friend Chang Ling, he also came after him for the reason of investing in Taiwan. Unexpectedly, Zheng Qingtian was also pursuing Xiaoyu on the way out, so they changed their former comrades in shopping malls into love enemies.

Li Cunmei

Played by Xiaoxian

At the age of 25, the woman is full of local flavour, but she is smart enough to manage her mobile stalls. She sells everything from farm products to railway and even to areca. Granny Zheng once arranged for a marriage between her husband and wife. However, she was confused because she gave birth to twins. However, the village sister never gave up on Qingtian, making her unable to bear the disturbance. Kong Hanji and Kong Hanji treat Xia Xiaoyu like enemies. They often draw on the gentle Guo Chengmei to deal with Xia Xiaoyu. Finally, she finds out that Chengmei is secretly in love with Qingtian and is also a stranger. However, her lovely place is that she distinguishes love and friendship very clearly. In love, she will not give in, but she still cherishes the friendship with Chengmei.

Chang Ling

Xu Aixin plays

A 25-year-old girl, with a good family background, is capricious and indulgent, but she is still a friend worthy of communication. She and Xia Xiaoyu have a good friendship. I had a passionate love affair with Zheng Qingguang, a young Taiwanese. Later, he mistakenly thought he was pregnant, which prompted Xia Xiaoyu, who has a strong sense of justice, to fly to Taiwan to look for a heartless man, and the subsequent plot will be produced by chance.

Kong Hanji

Zhang Zhaozhi plays

Male, 28 years old, nicknamed "baked sweet potato" (Taiwanese homonym). He was Zheng Qingtian's classmate when he was young. He served as the deputy leader of the community patrol team. He liked to lead a local dog as a police dog and patrol around on his bicycle. He was deeply in love with Li Cunmei, who monopolized agricultural products. However, Li Cunmei loved Zheng Qingtian, who was both a friend and a love enemy to Qingtian, which made him suffer a lot.

Guo Chengmei

Played by Liang Fuwen

A 26 year old nurse working in a hospital. Beautiful and sweet, with gentle and considerate personality, considerate, steady and introverted, willing to sacrifice for love, is a girl who will want to love and protect. On the other hand, Chengmei knows that her good sister, Cunmei, also likes Qingtian, which does not affect her friendship with her, because she knows that she really likes Qingtian. She is kind and does not want to compete with her to destroy her friendship for many years. Love and friendship are just like the two ends of the scale for her. She hopes to achieve a balance.

Until Xia Xiaoyu appeared and walked into the heart of Qingtian in a short time, which made Chengmei realize that her love was facing a strong threat. Finally, she made up her mind to fight for her love & hellip; & hellip;

Chen Ziqiang plays

Male, 30-year-old, wood carving skills know nothing, but excellent eloquence, better than carving. Everything is guided by the word "profit". With its good family background, it is only in the eyes of my father to run the largest art store in the local area