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Love in the blooming of Tung flowers: Xia Xiaoyu's love for Zheng Qingtian

Love in the blossoms of tung trees Episode 12

Reluctant to leave this piece of firefly light rain, so with the sky unconsciously chatted up, the relationship between the two people also slowly unfolded. It was dawn before I knew it.

The next morning, grandma found that Xiaoyu and Qingtian didn't come back, and soon the gale also found the two missing. The news of their disappearance soon spread. Hanji, Cunmei, Dafeng, Chengmei and others searched for it everywhere. They didn't expect that when they found Qingtian and Xiaoyu, they were holding each other. The village younger sister is several ponders, stuffy head wants to have a big turn. Although the gale did not act, it also directly talked to Qingtian, and they wanted to fight for a gentleman.

In order to collect Zheng Yunshan's works, Guo Fusheng personally went out to visit Zheng Yunshan on the mountain. Seeing Zheng Yunshan's situation of being so down and down, he was very self reproached. By drinking, he confessed to Zheng Yunshan that the cheating in the competition more than ten years ago was set up by Guo Fusheng. The reason was that he was afraid that the elder martial brother could not compare with his younger brother. At this time, Zheng Yunshan knew the truth and waited for Guo After Fu Sheng left, he also fell into the room due to excessive stimulation of heart disease.

Xiaoyu just came to visit Zheng Yunshan, a lifelong friend. Seeing that Zheng Yunshan was ill, he rushed to the hospital. Chengmei told Xiaoyu that he was Qingtian's father. Fortunately, the illness is not serious, so we can rest assured. In order to thank Xiaoyu for saving her father in time, Qingtian takes her to the wood carving museum to see her father's works. Unexpectedly, Xiaoyu is very familiar with this woodcarving. It turns out that there is one at home in Beijing. Qingtian is very surprised. At this time, Xiaoyu encourages Qingtian to pick up the carving knife to inherit his father's career. And ask Qingtian to help find the former residence of nanny hour. Under the leadership of Optimus, they actually find the house where grandma lived, but it has been in a dilapidated state.