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What are the characteristics of Zheng Renwei's role in my free time plot and actor introduction?

Story introduction

The play aims to interpret the passion and freedom yearning atmosphere of the young people in the 1990s, presenting the retro style of the 1990s for the audience. It was shot by Central University on campus, and it is also very elegant in clothing. It will return to the fashion of that year. The play also uses the music of Chen Sheng, Zhang Aijia, Zhang Zhenyue and other singers, interspersed with the play to arouse the audience's memory of the 1990s.

Actor role introduction

Li Guoyi, Liu Shanfeng, a man of the day on campus, is also a genius with high EQ and is adored by his classmates

Ren Rong, Xuan Lin and Jia en are pure girls who read in the northeast of the screen. The characters in the play love to grow up with Zheng Renwei

Shi Yuanjie, Zheng Renwei, secretly loves Bai Xuefen, President of guitar club

Weng Ziman, the lover of Bai Xuefen's campus dream, is the most beautiful element because she is a school flower character

Sun Qijun, Liu Shanfeng's school is close to the party, and the flower heart is charming