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How do Lu Xiaolu and Cheng Jiaming know each other?

The role of Marseille as Lu Xiaolu

Gender: Female

Career: model, then manager

She rebelled against the beautiful girl, was greedy for vanity, liked to steal the limelight, was childish and ignorant, and always stood up to her father. But under all kinds of shortcomings, there is also a good side.

Background since the death of his mother, Lu Chenbao (Yuehua) became a rebellious girl on the edge because of his father's busy business and neglect of discipline, and his relationship with his father deteriorated.

When Chen Baoji called his father for help, Chen Baoji sent Cheng Jiaming (Chen Zhishen) to mediate the incident, so that he realized the lawyer. After that, Xiaolu became the manager of the model management. Every time she encountered a problem, she would ask Jiaming for help, make everyone become friends, share secrets with each other, and become a bridge between Xiaolu and Chenbao.