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54 Episode Trailer of one carat dream: beauty lost memory, and Gaobei was saved

One carat dream episode 54 Trailer: beautiful amnesia, Gao Bei is also saved, the story to this point may feel old-fashioned, but also very fascinating.

Meili survived, and the news saved Gaobei. But beauty fell into a coma. During her coma, grandma and Gaobei were waiting for her to wake up as soon as possible. On the other side, ye Guangyi meets Xie Jinghua who is ready to leave.

With guilt in mind, Xie Jinghua has decided to go, and ye Guangyi's loud confession fails to keep her pace. Gaobei was arrested by the police for the car accident. Gao Gao finally broke out and had a big fight with Pinti. The hatred that has been buried in my heart for many years is pouring out at this time. A superb slap in the face has ended many years of love between two people.

Zhou Xuan talks to her every day in front of the hospital bed, hoping that she will wake up early. Read Gaobei's letter to her in prison and tell her sister that she hopes to be forgiven. All of this has finally brought about a miracle. Beauty wakes up. But the side effect is amnesia.