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The birth of the queen of TV series Episode 18 episode 19 episode 19 plot Preview: Xiaowei becomes a

The birth of the queen Episode 18

I dare to say I'm sorry and do what I'm sorry for you

Meibao, for the sake of her career, vivi, and the star dream entrusted to her by her mother, took her to a sanatorium to continue her career. Yang Rui, in order to calm Meibao's negative news, chose to "cover" the news with news?

At the press conference, Yang Rui generously recognized her love for Meibao. Meibao thought that Yang Rui would cooperate with her in acting, but she didn't expect that Yang Rui couldn't come out any more;

Xiaowei was even more collapsed when she saw the press conference! So Judy used her strength to exchange terms with Xiaowei. Xiaowei could get close to Zhenggang, a "big family", but Xiaowei had to "excuse me" Meibao again. Xiaowei, with Judy's support, has Meibao any way to deal with it?