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The fifth episode: Feifei Cailing competes for favor and creates a man

New happy encounter Episode 5

After Feifei and Cailing are threatened by Shaolan, the two frightened people ask their husbands about Shaolan. From the words of Zhisen and Zhijie, the two girls know that Shaolan always holds supreme power in the family, and Shaolan is tough and overbearing by nature. Therefore, Zhisen and Zhijie have been afraid of their mother since childhood. When the two women realize that their aunt is a difficult character, Feifei and Cailing immediately change their strategy and try their best to please Shaolan, so as to stabilize their position in Lian's family.

Strive to create people for love

But as a matter of fact, Shaolan, who is the leader of the rich family, has nothing in the world that she can't get. Seeing that Feifei and Cailing realize that it's a waste of effort to please themselves, Shaolan proposes to them that the one between them who can give birth to a son for the next generation of the Lian family can win their favor and be valued. Knowing the meaning of Shaolan dialect, Feifei and Cailing go home separately, and try their best to have the blood of Lianjia earlier than their husband.

Shaolan learns about her son's problem

Zhisen and Zhijie feel exhausted because they are demanded by their wife day and night. In order to further improve their chances of pregnancy, Cailing dances pole dance with Zhijie in the room to increase their interest, but in the end, Zhijie is injured. After the doctor's examination and observation, Zhijie pointed out that it was difficult for Zhijie to make a woman pregnant. Cailing was shocked when she heard that. When Shaolan learned of Zhi Jie's illness, she immediately arranged for the whole family to have a physical examination. Finally, she realized that the genetic disease was caused by Shaolan, so Zhisen also had the problem of fertility. When Shaolan learns that the two sons are difficult to bear, she turns the blame on Feifei and Cailing and asks them to start running the family. Shaolan arranges Feifei to be in charge of the family's finance, while Cailing is in charge of the family's "household chores". They work hard to please Shaolan.

Feifei Zhirong becomes a friend

Zhirong is the third miss of the Lian family. She studies in a middle school in Hong Kong. Because Zhirong has been receiving Shaolan's intensive education, she has been out of breath for a long time, and it is difficult for her to meet her friends. When Feifei knows about Zhirong, she teaches her to take the time to go out with her friends, which makes Zhirong feel that Feifei is a reliable person to talk to. But when Zhirong plans to go out to have fun without telling Shaolan, Shaolan exposes Zhirong's lies. Shaolan scolds Zhirong for cheating himself, and Zhirong is further controlled by Shaolan. In fact, Zhirong himself has been boycotted and slandered by his classmates at school because of his family background. The further monitoring of his private life makes Zhirong even more unhappy.

Zhirong in danger

Zhirong and Feifei make an appointment to meet in Guolan, but they are disturbed by hooligans on the way. Feifei's father Guo De saves Zhirong when he sees the situation, which makes Zhirong feel good about Wensheng and often meet Wensheng by dating Feifei. Seeing that Feifei and Zhirong are getting closer and closer, Cailing decides to have a good relationship with the other members of the Lian family. Besides volunteering to arrange Lian Xiong's birthday party, Cailing also finds that Kaijun has always been trusted by Shaolan. So Cailing tries to get on well with her and arranges blind date activities for Kaijun, but it turns out that Kaijun is dissatisfied. Cailing, in order to apologize, asks Kaijun to go shopping together. But when they go shopping, Kaijun learns that the store has bought a batch of the latest men's clothes, but he deliberately makes Cailing. Two people ride home together, Cailing found Kaijun unexpectedly secretly bought a set of men's clothes.