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In my free time, why did Kane fail in the joint examination? What's the secret behind Kane's failure

In the first episode of my free years, in order to find Renwei at school, she meets Liuchuan and stays in Liuchuan's boys' dormitory. Later, the story of ChuanE begins. So why did Kane fail? Is there any secret behind Kane's failure?

Young people from other countries, represented by Zheng Renwei, also yearn for Taipei, a symbol of freedom and fashion. They are eager to leave their hometown through the joint examination and go to Taipei to find a stage for freedom and Realization of their dreams. In contrast, Lin has no clear goal for the future, so she can only follow her closest partner. But sometimes fate is like a joke, because she is afraid that Kane will continue to linger around her, or for her better future, Renwei helped her modify her volunteer, which directly led to the failure of Kane.