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Love apartment 4 Episode 13 highlights: Zhang Wei's legal aid case

In Episode 12 of love apartment 4, Zhang Wei marries his girlfriend Liu Mo, who has known him for a week. Unexpectedly, when he gets married, he becomes a runaway bridegroom. In addition, Zeng Xiaoxian also has a small episode in the drama. Liu Mo secretly falls in love with Zeng Xiaoxian and has a close contact with Zeng Xiaoxian. However, their intimate action is just bumped into by Meijia, passing by Xiaoxian, Yifei and Meijia According to our analysis, Liu Mo is not suitable for the three. What will be the next relationship between Zhang Wei and Liu Mo? What laughter will Zhang Wei bring?

Love apartment 4 Episode 13

Zhang Wei took a legal aid case to help an old man who was abandoned by his son get his house back. Ziqiao found a seven color flower to plant. He fertilized the flower in the living room, which made the room stink. Meijia asked him to plant the flower on the top floor. Yo yo's fans take a picture with her. The boy puts his hand on yo yo's chest. Passing by, Xiao Xian happens to see this scene. Yo yo worries that Guan Gu will find someone to fight and asks Xiao Xian to keep it secret. Xiao Xian agrees, but turns around and tells Meijia, ziqiao and Yifei.

Mr. Hong, Zhang Wei's client, is homeless and comes to Zhang Wei with his luggage. Zhang Wei takes him in out of kindness. Xiaoxian instructs youyou to help him play online games, and listen to his program and take notes in the middle of the night. Uncle Hong has been making trouble all over the place for the past few days in his love apartment. First, he picked off ziqiao's colorful flowers. Later, he smoked in bed and caused a fire. He even messed up Zhang Wei's appointment with Wei Wei Wei. Zhang Wei couldn't bear to make a guest order to him. Youyou and Xiaoxian have a showdown. She won't tolerate Xiaoxian's unreasonable demands any more. Since he and Guan Gu are brothers, and his sister-in-law is being teased, he doesn't even fight. Youyou threatens Xiaoxian to tell Guan Gu that he is also present.

Youyou calls Guan Gu to tell him about the photo. Guan Gu rushes to the dessert shop opened by his fans and asks them to hand in the photo. The fans tell him that his hand is a prosthetic. It turns out that everything is a misunderstanding. Zhang Wei was very guilty for scolding Lord Hong away. The next morning, Lord Hong came back by himself. It turned out that he was asleep in the bathhouse. Mr. Hong says goodbye to Zhang Wei. He has found a "sunset red" shared apartment and can take care of himself.