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Love apartment 4 Liu Mengmeng plays Nuolan in secret love with Zeng Xiaoxian. What is the final outc

Love apartment 4 new actor Liu Mengmeng plays Zeng Xiaoxian's colleague and his own boyfriend, but he still secretly loves Zeng Xiaoxian in his heart. With Zeng Xiaoxian's help, he lives in love apartment and becomes Hu Yifei's rival. So does Nuolan finally move Zeng Xiaoxian? What's the end of Nolan?

What's the end of Nolan?

Xiaoxian wants to go out to buy medicine for Yifei. On the way, Xiaoxian receives a call from LV ziqiao. LV ziqiao: Mr. Zeng, Nuolan asked me to tell you that she left. She said that she was going to work far away. You can go back and see the rest. Zeng Xiaoxian: go back to see it? What do you mean? No, Nuolan is gone, her soul is still waiting for me... LV ziqiao: ah, bah! Of course not. By the way, what's the matter with Yifei? Do you and her have any...? Zeng Xiaoxian: what do you think. She's badly hurt. I'm buying him medicine. Lu ziqiao: Oh, you don't know. My phone bill is just like the sun. One day, it's gone.. Zeng Xiaoxian: that's because you don't make a good draft when you pick up girls. Who asked you to call beautiful women for an hour, and one third of the phone calls, those beautiful women will say one word to you: get out. Lu ziqiao: it's different this time. I'm texting this time. Zeng Xiaoxian: you have to send 10 pieces of the same sentence to every beautiful woman. Wow, you've made a great contribution to the mobile company. You should ask them to give you a 'Contribution Award' Lu ziqiao: Well, by the way, Mr. Zeng does a good job in safety. Buy more medicine, for example, to keep fit. Zeng Xiaoxian: go to die. (Xiaoxian hangs up in a hurry)